Pressurized Second Heart Suit

I have started to wear a Velcro compression wrap on my left calf. It’s working great, but improvements are needed.

Memory Foam that returns to its normal shape would be put inside of the covering material. As the hearts pumps blood and fluids through the affected leg and causes swelling, the memory foam collapses, but each time a lower pressure is sent through a vein, the memory foam would expand and push back on the veins to help fluid circulation, something like a second heart.

When the same Velcro wrap is used on the entire body, up to the neck, better circulation is obtained. Better circulation that would allow the circulatory system to deliver nutrients to muscles, help create better oxygen and blood flow as well as an increased immune system response time.

Faster and stronger muscles while using the wrap means increased stats while running or swimming or hiking when the wrap is not being used.

Having Second Heart wraps over the entire body would also lessen wear and tear on the heart due to nerves in the body sensing the extra pressure being applied by the wrap that would allow the heart to work less while obtaining the same or slightly better circulatory flow then if the wrap wasn’t being used.

Eventually the Velcro wraps would be replaced by a synthesized layer, not a skin, but a layer that would be built the same internal structure of an arm or leg, or chest. The Heart Layer would be organically grown flesh comprised of Kevlar inter-mesh to create an armor like exterior protection along with enhanced circulatory function.

Eventually our bodies will be replaced by electronic parts and we will live in a dystopian future where we can buy and sell metallilc organs, limbs, and even memories. We will all be long passed by the time that happens though.

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Ah, the climb to immortality.

We might be dead, but then tech companies would dig up our bodies(if they haven’t decomposed by then) and download the memories to sell to people and make a sh*t ton of money off of them

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Well, no. Without the ability to replace our brains, we will eventually go senile and die.

Only the fresh bodies.

The more likely option will be, at your funeral the companies will be waiting on the side with ads saying “why not sell the memories of your recently deceased to us?”

Of course, you will end up with porn based off of those memories, too.

They won’t be waiting on the side, the ads will probably be on the coffin

That is true for That is true for literally everything (not just companies buying dead people’s memories in the future)
Don’t worry, the link isn’t anything bad

Now that i think about it, its kinda hot. You get to share your grandmother banging your grandfather at the funeral.

Wut :expressionless:

That is definitely something i never want to see

How would you know if youd like it, if youve never seen it?

Did you mean how do I know I wouldn’t like it?

If you dont know if you wouldnt like it, you wont know you would like it either.

My logic is impeccable.

I don’t want to see my own grandparents railing each other
It is as simple as that

Youre not even a little curious?

F*** no

You would have to download the memories while the person was still alive. The firing processes of the brain to create memories doesn’t function the same after death. I can just imagine the nightmares withdrawn from the brain of a deceased person. The longer the brain has been dead, the more extreme the nightmare extracted would be. When placed into a clone with a fresh brain, those nightmares take on a whole new type of terror.

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