Prevention of obvious mistakes while trading

A while ago I made a very expensive mistake while trading.
I added 3 too many zeroes which resulted in a broker fee of 3.7b.
Luckily, after submitting a support request, I got the ISK reimbursed.

Reading up on this I noticed this happens to more players.
Since 100, or even 1000 ISK is such a small amount you’ll be adding (a lot of) zeroes to prices most of the time. Mistakes like this are bound to happen.

It has been proven over and over that confirmation dialogs do not work for repetitive tasks which is the case when editing 10-20 orders. Hence email clients and CMS have an archive/trashbin feature which allow users to revert a mistake for an extended period. People WILL accidentally delete the wrong emails but this way they can revert their mistake.

I fully understand a feature like that (revert) is impossible for this use case.
However I think preventing obvious mistakes like this might be possible.

My suggestion is to add something similar to the safety setting for trading, settings like:

Sell orders:
Disallow prices above x% universal average
Disallow prices below x% universal average

Buy orders:
Disallow prices above x% universal average
Disallow prices below x% universal average

Sensible defaults would be something like:
Disallow prices above 1000% universal average
Disallow prices below 10% universal average

10 times above or below universal average won’t hinder all but the most rare trades but will prevent lots of mistakes and support issues.

Users will be able to edit the ranges. Changing this setting gives a message that this can result in high broker fees or faulty orders. People will be aware of the risks, a lot like like setting safety to red.

Love to hear your feedback.

I don’t think you should have been refunded the isk for your mistake. I don’t get my 3-4b pvp ships refunded when I make a mistake.


Safety settings do however prevent (PvP) mistakes in high sec.

Also, while PvP’ing, you are willingly taking risks.

I agree with you: let’s get rid of the safety button.

This happened a lot to me.
I only make a ticket when the loss is more than 1B otherwise I would spend my time making tickets.

The only way to not make such a mistake, is to be a bot or not use the market.

However the price based on the average is BS. many items are actually sold with a price while the average says “0” .
Other times, the items have an average that is like 10% of the cost of production. No idea why.
That is why I end up ignoring the message on the UI : it makes no sense too often. And same reason I ignore the popup when updating orders.

Welcome to the long list of EVE trading oopsies.

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My suggestion would be to delay the orders by a few minutes : your money is taken, the order is updated but not present on the market. You can still see it in the market. If you cancel or update the order in that state, 90% of the last broker fee is reimbursed. The 5 min delay starts after the order becomes visible.

Would not take effect on direct orders though ; but those should be paid at the order price, not the purchase price like it is now. So if there is a SO for an item at 1 isk and I accidentally enter 1000 isk, I still only pay 1 for that order.

My solution is to support scientific notation and metric units in the input field.


a lot like like setting safety to red.

the traditional way to accomplish this is to keep almost all your money on a bank toon


Tbh a simple double check box would work if you guys wanted to add in anything.

No, it would only be more tedious.

Yah when it comes to clicks in EVE get to the back of the line pal. Sometimes simple works.

PI community demanding less clicks first. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah if there was another pop up, confirming theyd disable it. Forget it then ■■■■■ to ccp to add a confirmation

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Also simple makes it less worth to bot. Because when the only value of a feature is to add tediousness as a cost (like in PI), then people react by making bots.

Whilst I do sympathise, and I have done this myself, although to a lesser degree than you. I do not think that anything should be altered in game. there is a “sanity check” that you have to click OK on in order to set the order up, it is your responsibility to check your orders are correct before hitting OK. You can see the brokers fee and sales tax too, so you should have checked all those things before OKing the order



What’s the point of a warning that is present even when there is nothing to warn about ?


Welp, in the end if CCP wants to do to anything about it. They got this thread.

I don’t got anything else to say tbh. Just take your time and read your zeros.


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#personal responsibilty

The sanity check is there for when you miss the “stack all” button and hit “sell all”.

OP’s issue is not addressed at all.

Counting out more than 3 0’s is going to cause issues eventually, and this is a fairly regularly reoccuring issue to the point where nearly every hub has people competing with buy orders designed to catch these on nearly every item in the game.

The commas in the number (the green hover over number above the input line are a step in the right direction, but that is kinda laggy and I would not expect a marketeer to be using that regardless – copy and paste from a spreadsheet to prevent any and all human-related errors is the gold standard.
That said, if we are in the “use a 3rd party program so that you don’t need to worry about making this mistake” territory, then eve’s UI needs some help in this department.

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This mistake I do too often when it comes to ammo… because it is one of the few items that I trade that has individual cost below at least 10K. So there is the story behind Mjolnir HAMS for 150,000 a piece in Hek. A typo.

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