Price change on subscriptions in GBP

You voted for it. Everyone told you that this was going to happen, and now it did. Zero sympathy for anyone who voted for brexit and now has to pay for it.

I am absolutely shocked that a for-profit company is attempting to make money.




To be fair, the failure to agree a deal isn’t helping, and the UK isn’t entirely to blame for that with both sides of the argument refusing to give an inch. In particular Barnier is known for refusing to give right up until the last minute and then folding, see the EU Canada CETA agreement for an example.

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Irish reunification is something I’m going to leave well alone except to say that the Republic doesn’t want to take over the financial responsibilities for it.

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Hi All

Ah! Youngsters today who live for the now and have no idea of Inflation :rofl:

What I feel most people have missed as they dived for their pitchforks and torches was the mention that this is the first Price Increase since 2014

So ignoring all the Cut and Paste - Echo Chamber Politics :smiley:

If you just take UK inflation since their last price rise in 2014

Bank of England Inflation Calculator shows £90 in 2014 is now worth £101.52 2019
(Note: calculator does not handle Pence)

So running their Servers and their Development house in Covent Gardens are now dearer to run.

As for Pound to Dollar.
Average exchange rate in 2014: £1 = 1.6474 USD
Average exchange rate in 2020: £1 = 1.2703 USD

Finally our old nemesis WOW

September 2014 Six Months for £46.14 (So £92.28 per Year)
September 2020 Six Months for £59.94 (So £119.88 per Year)

So personally I feel they have been rather restrained.

I know this post will be ignored by the denizens of this forum as they hunt for more Pitchforks and Torches.

But I thought it was worth a try to insert a bit of Logic into a Rabid Throat ripping animated discussion :smiley:


tone the attitude down a bit. Nobody here, or at CCP knows of personal struggles of people. CCP however, still has to make money if we want to see EVE continue on.

Though the UK is entirely to blame for the mess they’re making of negotiations, especially with the internal market bill. Boris’s oven ready deal isn’t one he can agree to? Then why did he ram it through in 3 days?

We’re seeing the last days of the UK. It’s not how I’d have liked to see Scotland gaining independence, but leaving a rogue state makes sense.


The UK enjoyed a cheap rate for a while. This is a correction.




I think it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other tbh, both sides of the table have valid points and both sides want what they consider to be best for themselves.

Scotland has its own problems, independence means the loss of access to the Barnett formula which covers a lot of their public spending; there’s also some internal divisions like the Orkneys and Shetlands wanting an independence referendum to split from Scotland if there’s a constitutional change such as Scottish independence.

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We kinda are to blame for it. The EU has been clear about their red lines since before the referendum. We can’t have our cake and eat it no matter what the PM claims is the case. And as they are the stronger party in the negotiation so we need to concede more than they do if we want a deal. That’s just the reality.

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Both sides need to concede a little; both the EU and UK politicians are acting like spoilt brats fighting over the last slice of cake.

Some of the more ardent brexiteers think that we’re being made an example of and that it’s in the EU’s interests to make any exit deal as unpalatable as they can in order to deter any other members wishing to leave.

Personally I’m somewhat ambivalent, my parents live in Spain, my brother spends 50% of his time working in Germany and up until Covid I did about 30% of my work in France and Belgium; that said I do believe the EU needs to wind its neck in a little when it comes to dictating to its members.

I don’t think that is the case though. The UK position has started off as “we’ll get almost all of the benefits of membership with none of the costs” and now we’re expecting the EU to concede to get anything from us. The EU made it clear that wasn’t going to happen before we had the vote.

I’m sure that plays into it a little bit. If they hand over all of the benefits of being in the EU but without the UK needing to give much back in return, then leaving the EU will seem like a better deal than membership. That’s obviously something they’ll want to avoid which is why Boris’ view that we’ll “have our cake and eat it” is unrealistic.

The fact that we’re holding a gun to our own heads and screaming “if you don’t give us what we want we’ll pull the trigger” isn’t really a compelling argument for the EU to hand us whatever we want. Ultimately they hold most of the cards and have been absolutley crystal clear from the start that we will not get a great deal without membership. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that they are sticking by that position.


As a Brit why do I we want a high value currency?

As long as my wages correct for devaluation I welcome the competitive devaluation of our currency.

Now is the time for business to select the UK as their next premises opening. CCP although loving to brand themselves as Icelandic base their server in the UK for tax and legal reasons as well as tech. The UK alongside US is the western home of computer games.

They are also upsizing their UK dev house while folding or downsizing all others.

In fact speaking to both senior PA & CCP staff both suggested they would not consider anywhere but London for future western expansion solely due to access to human talent and cost. I had asked bith why choose London over cheaper towns in the UK or in their native capitals looking to host game development.

Price can only go UP. :small_red_triangle: :small_red_triangle: :small_red_triangle:

Wow so the price for an Eve sub is going up by less than 50 UK pence per week, this is the new norm for the next decade. I did wonder whether Eve would increase the monthly sub charge. No biggie been expecting this change. o7

Not really, I doubt there was ever really going to be a deal as the EU’s stance was not realistic. The last PM really made a mess of things but then she was never really a Brexiteer so not really surprising.

Funny thing is the vote for Brexit would never have been won, if the EU had been more on the ball and allowed countries to manage their own borders so they could restrict who could comes into the country. It’s that problem that highlighted issues with the EU at least for myself and I’m sure for others. Once highlighted you tend to look more closely at other related situations.

The problems with immigrants that the world is experiencing is probably why nationalism is on the increase.

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You know we could have put restrictions in place, right? So people would have to prove they could support themselves?

Entirely allowed by the EU.

That is complete and utter ignorant nonsense:

EU stance was exactly what the EU stance was going to be, it is and was, completely realistic and made absolutely clear from the outset, as it follows the EU stance in every negotiation to date

UK opted out of Schengen, and chose to adopt some of the elements - but was not subject to EU border controls. The UK government was (and is) perfectly at liberty to set controls, the Labour government largely didn’t because it generally believed in freedom of movement and the Conservatives didn’t because it believed in the movement of labor to meet demands (and laterly essentially lied about the EU in order to foster resentment).


Because we’re heavy importers and having a higher value currency helps with that.

Why? I mean sure, they’ll get cheaper labour because british people will effectively be working for less, but costs outside of GBP go up. Take for example airlines operating in GBP, they buy their fuel in USD and so a weaker pound will increase the relative cost of fuel. That then means they either have to eat that difference or push the prices up for UK consumers.

That will be conditional on easy access to the market though. If barriers go up then other countries will be more competitive. Ireland for example would be a pretty good choice.

What the hell with all those victim blamers in this thread? Can you be not an asshole for a change?

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