Probe Scanning for Astroid Fields (Anomalies)

Agreed. Let 'em work a bit for it, makes it feel more real too.

@Murkar_Omaristos @Marcus_Gideon
I get that you guys are passionate about the topic, and not in favor of it. That is all fine by me as long as you have valid arguments regarding the topic. :slight_smile: My experience, time or drone status in EVE has nothing to do with that however, so I would like to friendly request you guys to leave it out of the discussion. If you think i lack a certain view or issue regarding the topic, you are more then welcome to point it out and explain how this idea would interfere with it … :thinking:

and seeing you imply to have been around EVE and thus this forum for so long you know what’s best and how it all works; well then obviously you already know how discussing topics goes, and it’s somewhat weird that i have to remind you of it, if that is not the case the sticky ‘welcome post’ could be a quick reminder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Murkar it would serve the players that like the scanning feature of the game, and prefer to mine ?

As for the rest of the game, well if you are right that Miners don’t want to scan, nor do PvP’ers, then for them both ‘nothing’ changes, because you simply jump to the normal astroid fields, as that is where the miners that do not want to scan will be. The only thing that would change is that miners that do not want to scan do not get access to higher tier ores at lower risk.

Though, why think in problems instead of solutions?
An option was mentioned to have fields be revealed after a certain time once they have been discovered (‘explained by’ the activity in the field will raise the signature of the field to an extend that normal scanners will pick it up). That would mean that as a PvP’er you do not even have to guess which Anomaly the miners will be at (given there are more in the system as is ‘now’). You simply bring up the scanner and any field you can spot, will have been discovered, and is thus likely to have miners in them, be it the original people that found it or opportunistic miners that saw the field appear on their scanner. Meaning that a hidden system with a timer makes PvP even easier.

(Though seeing your opening statement i have to ask: "So you want to make sure PvP’ing with easy targets remains as easy as it is? " :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

You’re missing the point. We’re not saying “Oh, look at the youngster and his wacky new ideas that we old veterans disagree with b/c we don’t like change.” We’re saying “Oh, look at the guy who hasn’t been around long enough to realize that your suggestion IS EXACTLY how it used to be. And they changed it into what it is now.”

It would be like asking Ford to start putting crank handles on the front of their trucks again. That’s what they used to do, and then people complained, so they came up with something different. You’re petitioning for backwards progress, for devolution.

There are TONS of things for Explorers to go hunting. Asteroid Belts should not be one of them. Miners don’t want to play Hide and Seek with their ore, they just want to go mine it.

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Given the current sizes of the sites, I think 8h is way too much time, at least for the typical Highsec site. Perhaps it should be tied to a percentage of ore mined, say 15%, or maybe 3% per .1 sec level.

As someone with old grav bookmarks throughout Genesis/Aridia/Solitude I’d absolutely love to see the change reverted. Grav sites often spawned in somewhat unusual locations (i.e., more than 4 AU from celestials, but not that much more) and they made great places to mark and save for later.

It’s not as if low sec mining anoms are teeming with life as is; forcing someone to probe you at least buys you a false sense of security. Obviously probing wasn’t holding things back. I suspect that high sec is a different beast, and null just isn’t my game either. I’d at least love to see low rolled back just to be slightly more interesting again.

@siyord, I do not think it would work out as you think.

Miners who do not want to scan will still scan if the good ores are there. They will be grumpy and annoyed by it because they don’t want to do it, but there will not be any miners willing to forgo getting Arkonor over Veldspar.

So this theory of “the miners that don’t want to scan” will not exist. ALL of them don’t want to scan, but they will ALL do it regardless of it being a pain in the ass because that’s where the good ore is.

The ore sites used to be probable and they changed it for good reason. Let’s not go back in time.

Know what… I’m going to say it.

These mining anoms that people discuss here? I was an active miner during those times. So why did they go away?

Did you know that at one point in time Eve asteroid belts DID NOT refresh every day? Sometimes no ore for a week if you missed downtime. Now? Downtime every day, belt refresh every day, anom belts in nul space if you earned it, ice everywhere and quickly.

Clearly you aren’t a mission runner. Or an Explorer in general. Those all tend to spawn in the middle of nowhere, and can be saved for a random deep safe later on.

@Doctor_Biologist I don’t know that the High Sec miners in search for Low ores are going to end up Probing for them. These days, you just have to find a Refinery that’s been pointed at a Moon, and it will dredge up the Ore every few days for you.

Having found a good system with some anomaly belts, and knowing they aren’t random anymore either, i guess i am fine. It’s a bit sad the content is removed, as well as the excitement of hunting these down… still think they should probably be behind the scanner for the trade off. And seeing i can’t mine up against any big barges anyways, i guess i will just have to settle for the crums.

I will happily confirm there was no excitement of hunting these down. Merely “Oh look we get to build that cruiser this week.”

Emotional responses to certain events will differ from person to person… i got pretty excited when finding anomalies, pinpointing them and finding a large belt of pristine ore ‘just for myself’ (or to share with other scanners/miners).

Well i guess i can see why this would still be a good idea … 6h after reset and all Anomalies in my area are already completely cleared out.

Then whoever was mining them wasn’t very fast.

Guess you are right, 1:45h after reset, belts were already gone … guess you just had to have been there when they changed it from Scanning for them to just Seeing them, picked your belt, and be online after reset to make sure nobody else gets a chunk… not just the scanning content removed, but mining anomalies ‘basically removed entirely’ …

Guess this is why IceBelts respawn every 4h then?

That’s extremely slow. Have you considered that you just might be in an area where you shouldn’t be as a miner? Back in the day when there was only one respawn per week for ore my group used to clean out the ore in 30 minutes. We also used to mission mine…

I’m like already pretty much off the beaten path in a fairly (economically) starved out region (basically nothing seems for sale here in any reasonable jump distance). It’s also pretty ‘dead endy’ in regards to connections… the couple of times i was able to be online at reset there were belts, and in general i just saw ONE of those fast mining barges (name alludes me) with a bunch of drones… but that’s enough to gobble up a belt in ‘no-time’ … guess if i really want some of it I should just be online around reset. ‘shrug’

Any chance i will find ores in Relic/Data Sites, wormholes perhaps?

Relic and data sites have minimal ores and usually they are merely veldspar. Mission ores and anoms tend to have things but you have to clean up the entrance to get to them and leaving with them all is a P.I.T.A. without support. Also if the last room is cleared it despawns when nobody is in it.

Combat missions of level 3 can have decent ore in them with the benefit that someone would have to scan you down to find it. Sorry I’ve got to bring out my old school knowledge base into this…

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Well tnx for doing so, i played Eve before (as Omega, even though there was no such a thing back then), and had a lot of fun just scanning for Ore and mining that. In an Osprey if i recall correctly, quite the operation (find the belt, fly back home, get hauler with 3 GSC’s set them up in the belt, dock at nearest station, get the shuttle out of the hauler & fly back home, fly back in the Miner, start mining in cans and fly back and forth with miner/hauler from the station to pick up ores and continue mining. When the thing was empty the whole thing in reverse to get back ‘home’ ~ not to mention hauling all the ores back home as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) …

Seeing some of the things changed, and how they then pan out in the actual game, i need to figure out what the best alternatives are. So tnx for sharing some info you are way passed by now.

If you know what you’re doing…

Can get pretty easy.