Problem loading a character

Hi – I am trying to load one of the characters on my account. It won’t load correctly. the other two characters on that same account load OK. what it does is give me a black screen where the game should be, with a circle looping endlessly in the bottom left. When I go to log off, when it says are you sure, a partial graphic comes up behind it. and then I hit no dont log off the graphic stays but it’s useless there’s just a partial picture and no side bars like normal. I cleared cache, Verified the files. I’m about ready to reinstall the whole game from scratch unless there’s a fix someone knows about.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Not sure but the client can run without downloading all the game assets to get you in faster. There is an option in the game files to download all the game files you could try turning on.

Also, there is an option in there to clear the cache.

Other than that, file a ticket or try reinstalling.

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