Problem with mining New Frontier lvl3 mission

I started the lvl3 7 part mission New Frontiers
In the 1st part I’m ordered to mine Green Arisite - I killed all rats and returned with mining drone and Miner II. However, neither the drone nor miner is able to mine “shredded rock” asteroids on the mission. It says

Invalid target. This module can only target items within the Asteroid group.

I warped to an asteroid belt in the same system and mining work ok there, but not on the mission site.

What should I do? Buying stuff on the market hasn’t helped

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There are actual asteroids in the mission pocket. You have to add them to your overview to see them.

Unless … :man_facepalming:

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I’ll re-check now but visually there are only rocks

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You were correct, there is one asteroid among rocks

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