Problem with untransportable and non jumping caps

Since we don’t have permanent stations in sov null, anymore, there’s going to be a problem that will arise. Ships like orcas and freighters that cannot be transported via freighter or carrier are going to be moved to asset safety and then to lowsec when a sov holder loses sov and their structures are either going to be sold or destroyed. If memory serves, they can’t use a titan bridge or a jump bridge, either.

This is because it is nearly impossible to jump them gate to gate to NPC null or some other safe place where these assets can be contracted to public and sold in place.

And pretty much anyone in sov null isn’t going to buy a freighter or orca in lowsec just to gate it out to their sov null.

So, these ships become more or less dead weight, as there will be a glut of them in lowsec where there won’t be much of a market (at all) to buy them.

Not sure what the solution is. But with all sov structures being destructible, these ships are going to be stranded.

This is not a problem. This is what will happen if you lose sov and your structures. This is avoidable by not losing your sov and structures.


Orca and freighters can be titan bridged.

Wtb dead weight orcas and freighters. 200mil.


Sod off.


OP’s literally an afk cloaker whiner.

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And this one is a pointless troll.

I’ve been pointin’ out a fact and you don’t wanna to live with the consequences of what happened in the game. I’m damn sure everyone else can figure the rest out for ‘emselves. Ya’rr gettin’ points for tryin’, but ya need to be livin’ with the fact that ya deserve bein’ ridiculed for it.

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This is not hard! Scan down DT wormholes to LS, or if you’re really lucky, HS. I’ve done this more times than I care to count. But when you’ve lived on the outer edges of the cluster you learn how to use your wormholes effectively.


Yeah. Not loosing sov, WHs and titanbridge. Nobody needs indestructable bandaid-stations in sov-0.0.

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