Problems encountered in setting the game up with unusual dual monitors position, and suggestion regards to it

I’m using two monitors and they are set up in this position in real life, monitor 1 is the main monitor I am using and monitor 2 is the secondary:

I’ve read through many people’s discussion about how to set up the game to allow one client to run on dual(or more) monitors, the usual method is usually changing the resolution of the game to the maximum resolution (it is the optimal resolution to contain all the monitors, will call this resolution the Ultra resolution below) in the drop-down menu, set the game into windowed mode, and adjust the window to fit in to all screen.

However, this only works if the alignment of the monitors creates a resolution that can contain all the displayable area, in my case such resolution would leave a non-displayable area, like this:

This, and along with other issue or lack of corresponding in-game UI settings would cause different awkward UI component display issues in the game for all possible window position.

By default, when the game is set to this Ultra resolution and in windowed mode, the game window would stick to the top side of the monitor 1. Due to my monitor alignment, this will leave the top of the monitor 2 uncovered by the game screen. Also would cause the ship position cannot be optimally displayed in the centre of the monitor 1 since the position of the ship is off along y-axis and it cannot be changed. It would also cause the notification button missing from the game screen.

My second attempt was trying to move the game window to stick its top to the top of the monitor 2, this provides a better but still offed ship position, but due to the non-adjustable position of the function bar on the left and the mission/map info tab located in the top left, those UI components went into the non-displayable area in this setting and would be hard to access.

My third attempt was trying to change the monitor alignment in the system, so the window can stick to both tops of the two monitors, leaving no non-displayable area, and retain all the unchangeable UI components in the screen. This however still inherit the awkward ship position issue from the default setting.

It also suffers the offset of the space background in the middle since the alignment of the monitors no longer is corresponding to the real-life position relationship, this greatly breaks the immersion of the game.

At the end, I couldn’t really find any method on my side to achieve my goal of simply extending the displayable game screen from monitor 1 to monitor 2 without some UI component disappearing, or weird ship position, or uncovered displaying area, or immersion-breaking background offset.

I hope following setting option can be updated to grant player more freedom to customize their UI:

  • Adjustable left-side function bar end in the top, so the actual area in the bar that contains the functions can be adjusted along the bar vertically.
  • Adjustable top-left map/mission log tab, it would be great if it can be adjusted vertically, even better if it can be dragged around freely
  • Expand the combat HUD position adjustable area
  • Adjustable ship-centred x-axis position along y-axis, so that the ship position off-set can be set at any place at the screen but not only on the mid x-axis


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