Project Aurora

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I know there’s a lot of phone users out there, so who’s looking up to Project Aurora? I am super anxious for it, and hope it comes out ASAP.

(Abyss Azizora) #2

I have a PC, I don’t have any use for a phone game myself, even if I did, I know how these pay2win build-timer games work, as they all work nearly identically. (I’d swear all 1,000,000,000 of them may be using the same code.) I suspect CCP will definitely make money off it though, as they are so cheap to produce and so immensely pay2win that just a few whales and the game instantly makes a profit.

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(de Obliviator Preon) #5

Only noobs pay in the games. Real pros do the hard work. I remember I spent a month in GoF2 in order to buy a space station and it was worth it, even though I delved the game after it.

(Ima Wreckyou) #6

There are hundreds of millions of children with phones from which you can leech money from their parents trough the phone bill. Some companies make billions with this. So if you have no morals and dignity why not hop on the bandwagon?

(Nana Skalski) #7

EVE mobile game not linked to Tranquility in any way = cashgrab developed for new audience
EVE mobile game linked to Tranquility in major way = EVE lite, everyone would have it in phone

(Dyceress) #8

One of the videos I saw claimed it wasn’t linked … which seems likely given what I gathered from the limited screenshots anyway.

Does anyone have a link to the video on youtube? I watched what seemed to be the vegas keynote from this year but didn’t see Aurora mentioned in it. Maybe there are multiple keynotes and I’ve just found the wrong one?

(Nana Skalski) #9

I mean, Aurora will be like another server entirely, Nothing what you will make ther will be ever influencing Tranquility. Current EVE players will in such case not pick it up, they spend a lot of time in EVE already on PC for a reason. If they would have any ability to play in the same universe (techically server) they would do that from work, from bus, from train. Spending time playing almost-EVE but not being rewarded for it while sitting back on PC? Too much effort wasted.

(mkint) #10

yeah, I have to go with the “it’s not EVE” stance. It’s just a licensed 3rd party mobile game. The formula for that kind of game has been so refined, it’ll just be slapping existing graphics on an existing engine. They’d have to be stupid to try to innovate. I stopped doing mobile games when they all started to be basically the same thing. Zero appeal whatsoever.

(de Obliviator Preon) #11

Really, don’t care people. I just wanted to play something like EvE.

(Diametrix) #12

Well, as should be obvious from the Vegas streams, a lot of capsuleers that have been playing EVE for years ( like me ) are really old. We are aged and infirm and despite our constant efforts to clone jump IRL we will be dying off soon.

So CCP has decided to recruit newer younger players. Smart. And they’ve got to go where those nubile pre-alphas play - on their phones.

You won’t play Aurora? Me either; I can’t read anything on a phone screen and these dollar store eyeglasses don’t help!

(Lugues Slive) #13

I always hoped for a squad turn based combat game. Something along the lines of collecting ships and having your squad fight another players squad. Something close to Heroes of Dragon Age or SW Galaxy of Heroes.

Edit: Even found my original post on the idea from 2015, 4th post down…

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