Project Awakening - When? How? What? Direction? FAQ?

I Know there is a Beta now , few questions…Asking about Final Product.

-What it is? Point Click? Survival TPP? FPS? Strategy?

-Possible to Play in a Work?

-New Domination of Webpage games?

-Story part and Connection to EVE Online?

-What is Unique?

-System Requirements?

-Release Date?

-Graphics Style?

-Who is the Artist or Artist Team?

-Do it going to have Merchandise?

-Do Future Players LOST at any lvl by do not joining BETA Now/Before?




-Payment Methods?

-When Forum going to Host Project Awaking Space.

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It’s so early in development, that they let people sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) before they let you take a look.

The probably best way to get your answers is to sign up for the next test.


vanguard is just now getting its own forum space… was strictly on their discord.
even EVE Echoes isn’t on the forums

You know , there is more question about EVE Vanguard at Rookie Help.
And there is more Players in game…
…Simply mining for more information’s , by creating specific topic for Rookies and Interested Players …i made things go faster.

But True Im listed for BETA also , passing a complicated entry mechanism push me back …but there is a light everyday …Whats That?

because it’s blockchain/crypto, you’re not gonna find any positive feedback from many of the players here…

Feedback? Im more aiming someone from CCP but we are not running …if it is not this moment to answer this questions …ok fine.

according to the article from May, most of what you wanna know, is behind the playtest phase III join it and you should get all or most of your answers there. CCP isn’t going to reveal much about project awakening outside of those who are playtesting it.

Going to be awhile OP.

Probably hear something in 2025 ngl.

As they say curiosity killed the cat…

Most crypto projects always have that in-your-face advertising and the classic tech bro t-shirt presentation, so it shows CCP is taking the better route of actually building this before making very bold claims to everyone.

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Although the interest in Project Awakening is much appreciated, the vast majority of the questions cannot be answered without breaking the NDA and so I will be closing this thread as to avoid someone accidentally breaking their NDA by answering them.

If you wish to find the answer to these questions sing up for the playtest yourself through