PSA: Project Awakening

So, seems CCP is still pushing ahead with that blockchain garbage, so be aware that Project Awakening was announced and is blockchain related so i would personally avoid it like the plague that it is

CCP, we clearly told you blockchain was bad, so why waste money?

I mean Hilmar is the answer to that question sadly

But yeah PSA dispensed, do with it what you will brothers/sisters/sentient howitzer artillery


The problem with everything “blockchain” based is that the blockchain is never, ever used as a tool to solve a problem, but is rather the raison d’être for the entire project and everything else built around it is veneer.

Project Awakening exists not because CCP wants to make another game, but because CCP wants to have a blockchain and needs a reason for it to exist.


It’s a Hillmar brainchild. Nothing good will come from that and it will die before it even reaches the light of a silicon chip.

Remind me, what happened of their EVE Ape NFTs? Oh, right, they died days after release. :thinking:


Oh god i hope it does die, but sadly i don’t think CCP will abandon it even then :frowning:

Hilmar is waaaaaaay too deep in the blockchain rabbit hole

They were given money to make a game that uses the tech. If they didn’t make it, they would not have gotten that money. Ofc they are going to make it, and remember that blockchain does not mean that it will be tied to currency.


NFT monocle anyone…? lol

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Project awakening was funded by outside sources. CCP can’t just stop the project, if they did, they’d get sued, and the company would probably die.

So I wish people would stop whining about this. If you don’t like it fine, you don’t have to.


Sure, but its going to be tied to the literally pointless blockchain, and the release does actually mention crypto which would imply currency or NFT related garbage

There is literally zero benefit to using the blockchain here

They are still wasting development resources that could be served better literally anywhere else, and they chose to accept this project, they could have declined, yet they didn’t

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Right, which means they cannot back out now, legally.

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Eh not so sure, there will always be a cancellation clause in any contract, literally nobody would agree to a contract that doesn’t have some way for the accepting party to back out, that will likely include a fee of some sort but it will be there so that they can legally back out

What CCP has to do is weigh up if they think the money they can somehow generate from this dumpster fire outweighs the negative PR that comes with being associated with crypto garbage

Perhaps, but only those with Alpha access can say whether it’s actually a good game or not though (and they wouldn’t be able to say publicly either way). You only have speculation and biases, there is no point to trying to crusade against the game.

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Doesn’t matter how “good” it is tbh

Although having seen CCP’s track record, going to bet a hefty pile of ISK that it won’t be :wink:

The main focus will be on what crypto adds, although in all likelihood what it detracts, from the experience as a whole, i cannot see any benefit to using a distributed ledger for a game over a proper central server, there just isn’t a reason for it to exist

How about F1 monkey picture NFTs? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



To the Moon

:rocket: :psyccp: :face_with_monocle:


This is the first time I’ve heard about it here, and I’m just sad that CCP is throwing its resources away on these useless things instead of fully devoting themselves to what they’re good at.

Yeah it was only “announced” today

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Well it is open source

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Where are you seeing that this will be open source?