Project Discovery Exoplanet

The y-axis for the luminosity gets adapted automatically depending on highest and lowest value which can make spoting regular transits a lot harder if there is one big jump or more who are either clearly or likely no transits. It would be great if this could be changed to work like the market price window where you use the mouse wheel to adjust the y-axis. Also from my expirience the detrending 24 hours works best (at least for me) but the 10 hours are the default so i have to click this every single time. The easiest solution would be to use the time used last time when you detrend something or maybe let the players set their own default time. In the folded mode the shift speed (click and drag to right or left) is identical no mather how small the intervall which makes the drag speed really really fast if the planet comes across the sun like every half a day. Maybe slower the speed for small intervalls (less than 2 days or so). Beeing able to cut out big jumps and even better beeing able to somewhat detrend specific areas where the luminosity just went wild but not due to a transit would be nice. Basically i mean you can select two times and everything in between gets then either just contracted or as a second option you select start and end time and then the two points at these times get used to create a line from which the distance of the points is taken (up and down vertically) and while the distance stays the same the line gets shifted to the average 100%.

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