Project Nova Survey feedback

(Nana Skalski) #21

At that point the survey doesnt feel like a serious thing either when we talk about development. But who knows CCP. :psyccp:

Maybe they have a really good, funtamentally good game there and now they will release it, tho survey is not needed for that.

Survey would be more helpfull in marketing, to sell it to us.

(Cypherous) #22

Issue is, the apps that do that are tied to the windows store, that nobody uses, the store isn’t even available for windows 7 so it would result in cutting off a fairly large potential chunk of players

(Black Ambulance) #23

down to hill like Dust … CCP should focus on EVE …and do the bug hunt as every patch brings more and more bugs and the old ones are not removed…

(Paige Booker) #24

I don’t like any of the features OP has suggested. Nice to see him phrase this post like he speaks on behalf of me though.

Playing through EVE history… lame. No it should be playing through EVE currently. Otherwise I might as well read a book. Perhaps Empires of EVE.
It should be connected, and affected by EVE, and in turn it will affect EVE back. But you can’t do that from a history book.

(Dantelion Shinoni) #25

This is not a necro if the topic is not closed, right?


Let’s be honest here,

Dust would still be alive and well right now if it was for its fatal mistake of releasing on an end-of-lifecycle system, the PS3.

I repeat, Dust would still be running and kicking if it was not for the PS3.

It was not a bad game, it set out to do what it said it would do (FPS gameplay, economy, EVE interaction) and did well enough, I had corpies who were enamored with the game enough to get a PS3…

The game itself and it being fun was not the problem, what you call gimmicks is what I would call features.

Now to talk about Nova, here is different things I have seen from this thread and others that seem essential or could just benefit the game:

  • A clear Module-based customization:
    That one is easy, following what they did with Starbases and Citadels (which was a genius move btw), you can’t have a EVE game without Modules. Dropsuits should be a thing even in Nova, hopefully they won’t dream of going the MOBA way of premade characters and “heroes”, couldn’t get more EVE-unlike.
    Bonus: Make the Infantry modules be craftable by Capsuleers.

  • Vehicules
    Vehicles are cool. That simple, really.

  • Market Integration
    Here we comes to the heavy-hitting point.
    The Economy is what will make or break this game. COD and its likes are basically just paintball matches with a skinner box masquerading as an economy behind them.
    For Nova, “what form will it have?”, “Will it matters?”, “What will be its goal?”, all those are important questions, with the most important one being imo “will it matters?”.
    You can easily make it matter by linking it to the EVE economy. That. Freaking. Simple.

  • Assault/Boarding
    Some kind of more direct effect of Nova on the game would be a huge plus, and definitely something that would make most EVE players try out Nova.
    Multiples ideas have been churned out about this, making Nova players able to assault Structures, whether they’d be in reinforced state or not, to either aid or halt said reinforcement.
    Or some kind of Boarding action of actual ships, although I have sincerely no idea in what context something like that could work.

Anyway, from everything I’ve read around the topic, one thing is clear in my mind: the game will need to be linked to EVE, and the stronger the link, the more profitable it will be for both Nova and EVE. Outside of the EVE paint that will familiarize the game to the EVE players, I feel to see any other angle the game could exploit to be relevant… So I really, really really hope they put most of their efforts on that.

(Petrified) #26

I find it funny that the article thinks PG and CPU would be a difficult concept for players to grasp. There are a number of FPS games for the PC and Console that limit your fitting choices in one fashion or another. PG and CPU are all about limiting fitting choices and min/maxing FotMs.

Personally, I am looking forward to Project Nova coming out. I plan to play it (really looking for something to replace the current FPS I’ve been playing for years) but I only have one request (demand?) from CCP: I want my Mass Driver. :smiley:

(Nana Skalski) #27

I understood from the article that it should have been more simple in fitting options, so I assume less combinations viable. I wonder if it could have been balanced in a manner that would dictate separate gear for additional PvE modes, like justifying some bonuses against rogue drones. Shooters are also played for PvE like warframe and destiny.

(bojangles02 Odunen) #28

CCP, would you like my credit card number now, because I will be spending plenty money on nova. Thanks for the eve fan fest update.

(Cypherous) #29

Its a shame nova won’t actually affect EVE, if its not free to play i won’t be bothering to even look at it sadly

(mkint) #30

What’s a shame is their plan.

  1. Throw together a vanilla shooter.
  2. Hope it succeeds long enough to be worth connecting to EVE, but in the meantime avoid any kind of plan for how that connection could happen in any kind of meaningful way.

Yeah, the Nova stuff reported from fanfest is the very definition of underwhelming and a failure waiting to happen.

(Nico Boru) #31

Read this the other night and it really cleared some things up. I cant wait to see Nova.

I RRREEEEEAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYYY hope they can finally get Eve, Valkarie, and a FPS can get linked up. Especially in FW. After changing up FW enough its fun and not just farmable.

But to do this they need to advertise to more than current players.

Dust514 was one of the greatest games in what it offered and play style. In my opinion. The maps changed a bit each time you were there. Uber armored snipers. You could build unber teams that could work together and it WAS NOT a leader board fueled game. It was a complicated game that took an investment of time to understand and exel in. It connected console gamers and pc gamers in the same fight.

Granted it did have draw backs. You didnt want to die because your suits and guns got expensive quick. Especially if there was a proto team running around. One of the biggest things I seen were a bunch of FPS junkies didnt like it because it wasnt a cod clone.

Their vision of having all three of these games connected would break a lot of ground and influence many games to come. It would be epic to be in fw and be bearing down on a ship then suddenly youre getting boarded and your pod is suddenly ejected because you forgot to pick up some Dust/Nova players. Cruiser and above most likely. Take the planet AND sky to take the system for your faction.

I have a lot of time to think of these things at work.

(Nico Boru) #32

And the xp progression they talked about in Nova is interesting enough to play it. You pick your initial class but how you play determins how your character progresses in class. You may start as a heavy weapons guy with heavy armor but organically progress and unlock equipment light infantry uses. Or start as a sniper but end up being logi/anti-armor. This all happens organicly based on your behavior.

Im just extremly excited for this and really hope it succeeds.

(mkint) #33

Yeah, this kinda invalidates your whole post. Have you ever even played EVE?

(Nico Boru) #34

Invalidates how?

(mkint) #35

Because you’ve obviously never been in a fight in EVE. Or maybe you’ve never played an FPS. One or the other. Or both. Go to Rancer. Using a stopwatch, test how long it takes you to go from loading the grid to ending up in your med clone. Now try to design an FPS experience that will a) not require waiting in somebody’s cargohold for hours, and b) has a meaningful game experience in the time it takes for you to get pointed and then podded.

If you lack either the experience or the foresight to not see why that’s a joke, then the rest of your vision is probably just as bad.

(Nico Boru) #36

So much salt. No need for that. This was all speculation and wishful thinking. And you forgot to take into account what possible changes a connection between all three games would have on eve. It would certainly change the meta we know now.

(Nana Skalski) #37

I wish NOVA could have planned events, just like EVE. When both sides decide the outcome. Something like a Caldari Prime battle. Battles for structures in FW for example, and community would decide when and what structure. Something like a community event. CCP could just prepare system to handle it.

(Cypherous) #38

Shame there are only 2 games now seeing as CCP got rid of their VR department :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nico Boru) #39

Valkarie is still going. CCP is just letting somebody else take over on supporting it. They said theyd be stepping back from VR for two to three years. Hopefully in that time Project Nova will be a power house game and have enough people to warrent linking the three when/if CCP starts in on VR again.

(Petrified) #40

So very true. EVE has a lot of downtime between “epic” experiences whereas a FPS is just uptime all the time (unless you are a camper, in which case you eat smores).

Factional warfare was a nice way for DUST to link into EVE as they effected each other indirectly but in important ways. But to make the tie more direct would be to slow EVE fights down or to bore Nova players in between fights completely with ‘Hurry up and wait.’