Project Sparra Crowdfunding

(Jake Sparra) #1

Hello Everybody ,

I have recently returned to EVE online after a pretty long hiatus .

Because i am not really a pvp player , but rather an Indy minded person ,
i’m looking for a way to raise some ISK , to start and expand my Indy gameplay.
Since i don’t have any collatoral to offer , nor Real money to inject in the game except for my subscription ,
my options for a loan are limited.
So i’m going for a crowdfunding and see if there are players that are willing to put some ISK donation in my return project.

Before you go off on me about how i’m gonna scam you all … that’s not my intention , i’m looking for a way to raise ISK , and i’ve decided like in real life to go for the crowdfunding approach , relaying on the generosity of others, that might understand where i’m going . If you don’t like my intentions, i understand , but please don’t flame me for trying , after all nobody is forcing you to give your good earned ISK, i’m just counting on some generousity here :slight_smile:

If i raise some isk, i will invest it in a few things, first of all , i’d invest it in raising my Indy skills to a level , that it would be possible for me to make decent profits , i’d also use it to aquire some decent blueprints for research and development .

So , If anyone is willing to invest some hard earned isk in my idea , thank you for that !

best regards

Jake Sparra

ps. it’s like they say … a no is guaranteed , but who knows , you might get a yes ! :slight_smile:

(Sabriz Adoudel) #2

As far as crowdfunding goes, will this be the next Oculus, or the next Star Citizen?

Commenting early so I get enough notifications to find out…

(Strelok Holmes) #3

Why would anyone give you anything? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but even uncollaterized loans are hard to come by ever since that Rattlesnake incident.

(Keno Skir) #4

That’s the thing, EvE is as much a knowledge game as a skillpoint game. Someone clever, can make huge wads of cash easily using an Alpha clone. You on the other hand seem to believe you will magically start making oodles of cash once you have better Indy skills, and are under the impression you are currently not making ISK due to a lack of skills. I would suggest you work on a way to make basic ISK now or how is anyone here supposed to believe you stand any chance of making ISK with better skills?

ALSO : Crowd funding relies on a return for the investors in the form of the item eventually being completed. There is 0 benefit to anyone to donate to your scheme since you offer bugger all in return and it makes not a hair of difference to them if you succeed or not.

If you would like to discuss other funding options, feel free to drop me an EvE Mail with a more detailed explanation of your current situation, net worth, experience and goals. I may be able to arrange a loan or something, but it will not be free money.


(system) #5

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