[PROPOSAL] Dreadnoughts and Marauders siege mode

Siege mode is bad game design. It turns the player into a literal F1 monkey, as you can’t pilot the ship, maneuver, etc. It removes piloting skill, control, player choices, etc. Pretty much all you can do is hit F1 and look at your watch to see how long you have until you can un-siege. I don’t see how it is arguable that this is somehow a good game play mechanic, so unless the goal is to bore players or make the game worse, what I propose is to remove siege mode, and replace it with something else.

"Waah! Waah! He wants to buff big ships! WAAAAAAAAAH!"

Whoa! Hear me out! Let me finish my proposal please! The goal here is not to buff these ships, but to simply remove a bad mechanic and replace it with a better one. Unless someone can correct me here, it seems that the goal of siege mode is to create risk for using said ship by making it unable to warp out for X minutes, thus making it vulnerable to other players and NPCs. So, lets keep that goal. The new mechanic shall be: Upon pushing the button-formerly-known-as-‘siege mode,’ the ship now enters Z-mode [insert whatever cool name for Z], whereupon the ship cannot enter warp for X number of minutes, exactly the same as before. All previous buffs to DPS, HP, immunity to ewar, etc. and all previous nerfs to logistics and whatever else shall still apply. However, the ship can fly around, maneuver, use thrusters, turn, etc.

The player is now free to pilot the ship, use piloting skill, etc. For instance, he can try to match his speed/direction in order to cancel out the transverse velocity of enemy ships so he can get better hits. Since Dreads (and possibly Marauders) are monstrously unwieldy, perhaps the new Z-mode could even add quite a bit of agility, acceleration, speed, and turning ability. Not enough to evade a frigate or cruiser for Pete’s sake - I’m not suggesting that. But certainly enough to make things interesting, spice things up, add the possibility of using piloting and skill, etc.

"But that’s a buff! Waah! Waah!"

Ok fine - I get it. You hate big ships. So since the ship is faster and more maneuverable in the new Z-mode, penalize sig-radius or whatever so it’s still just as easy to hit. I’m not trying to buff anything, I’m just trying to make better game design and game play. A mechanic which stops the player from flying a ship, in a game about flying ships, is patently absurd and retarded.

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Sounds not so bad as an idea. I’d happily change immobility for something else.

But the forum section was a bad choice. Features & Ideas

Nobody reads these forums, and for those who do, the last place anyone will read anything is if it isn’t in General. So that’s why I put it here.

And it will be moved soon after people flag it for being in the wrong place… (Yes, I already did the flagging)

You hit siege, you get big benefits.
Payoffs are: you can’t warp or move.

It’s a meaningful decision. Also, being in Siege doesn’t remove the ability to pick targets for webs/tackle or lowest transversal. It doesn’t remove the option to boost cap/shields/armor or overheating stuff efficiently either. So no, you are not doomed to be an F1 monkey while in Siege. Pretty much every other aspect of a fight except warping and moving is still intact.

Moving around a dread or a marauder in bastion/siege wouldn’t be helpful either, since those ships are Huuuge and relatively inert, unless they would be allowed to use prop mods too. That would be ridiculous, since they are also immune to ewar.

Now you have a 500 m/s sieged dreanought drifting around unstoppably, aligning out with impunity only to instawarp away once de-sieged. Yeah, sounds about right. Not.

TLDR: your argumentation doesn’t make sense. Changing your argument to make it work would be OP AF.
TLDR: II. It’s a stupid idea.


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OP made it quite clear that he doesn’t want his suggestion to be understood as a buff.

Thus, assuming a different form of trade-off as the current one in order to bring back mobility could be interesting. So does the immobility require a fleet to become semi-immobile as well or risk abandoning you. Immobility for a Minmatar pilot can be a bit unnatural while a Caldari pilot is more likely used to it.

It would be interesting to know if the different races couldn’t get more diverse buffs / trade-offs from siege and bastion mode than is currently the case.


I do like the sentiment but there is a much easier solution for the immobility - don’t fly capitals, has mobility.

I know that’s so mind-boggling, it almost fried my mind.

You meant capitals remove…

Battleships are plenty large.

Which would include the warp scramble - a module that offlines modules because reasons and stops ships from flying, which is also very bad.

You can already do that but you need to fit a nano or 2 and a capital higgs anchor rig at full overheated capital mwd speed and then siege at 1100m/s - decelerate to 0 m/s in 30 minutes and make a lot of pilots very unhappy.

I addressed both of these (for instance, even with my solution you can’t warp). But of course you didn’t read.

1 - What other aspects of FLIGHT are there except warping and moving? 2 - What’s the reason for stopping flight? Do you know? What purpose does it serve?

Already addressed, but of course you didn’t read.

You’re a troll and a moron.

I generally agree it would be better if siege doesn’t make you a sitting duck that is able to soak insane amount of dps.
But there needs to be some penalty or a general ship nerf - otherwise marauders, faxes and dreads will be far too powerful. Especially marauders.

Now, what do you propose here that would have the ships somewhat balanced?

Your genius, mind-boggling retort can be used anywhere. A ship needs a buff (and a million ships have been buffed since this game has existed)? “Just don’t fly that ship.” Yeah, real mind boggling.

Capitals don’t remove anything. A couple of numbers sitting in a database on a CCP server remove things (or add them, for that matter).

Warp scramblers don’t stop ships from flying.


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Did you not read the proposal?

You are one funny guy!

I wasn’t saying it couldn’t be done - I knew it could be done before you ever posted. I was saying that offering that as a substitute for my proposal to actually be able to fly the ship properly is nonsense.

If you want a capital that moves around like a subcapital, fly a carrier. Dreads don’t need to be even more overpowered than they are now.

If you would actually read, you’d see that I’m not proposing a buff.

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Okey Moron, here we go for round 2.

No, you didn’t. You cried about how sieging makes you immobile while not recognizing that it’s a trade off: Advantages for disadvantages. You failed to do exactly what you claimed you did. You didn’t provide ANYTHING to alter the Siege to offset your ridiculous Buffs to Siege/Bastion.

I’ve already mentioned stuff that you do while fighting in Siege, but ofc, you didn’t read. Ofc, you didn’t suggest any alterations to offset the buffs you “propose” either. You failed, 2 times now.

“Maybe you could nerf some other aspects of Siege in return” is not “adressed”. Offer some solutions to ridiculous DPS and TANKMONSTERS you want to see moving arround on Grids

with IMPUNITY because they are Immune to EWAR.

Yeah, I am the moron that wants to buff Siege/Bastion without making proposals to offset the buffs.

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And what I explained, moron, is that it’s an unnecessary, dumb ‘tradeoff’ that doesn’t do anything except create bad gameplay.

I did, you just fail at reading comprehension. Also, it’s quite hilarious that you believe allowing a large lumbering ship to move around at impulse speed is somehow a ‘ridiculous buff.’ LOL! Just shows how hysterical you are. Or you’re just a massive troll. Or a moron. Or all of the above.

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Dude, did you even check what massive benefits you get from Sieging up? :smiley: It’s hilarious that you would make such a dumb statement.

yeah, proofs that you have 0 idea of what the heck you are talking about. :smiley:

Moving would have to decrease the accuracy of the weapons. The whole point of being still is the weapons are so big and hard to aim.