[PROPOSAL] Increased Functionality and Granularity of EVE Store and In-Game NES Purchases

  1. Add a transaction history for all purchases, to include gifting, quantities, timestamps, to/from, etc. and make it viewable via account management and in-game, for all linked accounts.

  2. Add functionality to revert a purchase or a gift, in its entirety, due to miss clicks, typos, or other unintended issues, for all linked accounts.

These two things would not only allow the player to see exactly what has happened with their purchases and actions, but to take actions and correct any unintended actions they’ve made. In turn, by being able to correct these minor issues themselves, it should also greatly reduce the workload of the GM’s having to make these changes themselves, and increase response times for more consequential tickets.

Not a bad idea.

Honestly, the entire New Eden Store needs a rework. It’s old and clunky.

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