Proposal - integrate forum into client

(Chackaron Mackaron) #1

Can you guys integrate new meta forums into client?
As some kind of virtual newspaper, as holographic image or something futuristic.
Thus, people will be more interested in forum + they will save their time while waiting for event or their corpmates/victims.

Society, do you think this is good idea?

(Carrie-Anne Moss) #2

They may have to do something to not end up embarrassed with the failure of these new forums.

Just looking at activity, new topics, replies, etc…

These METAforums are D.O.A. Dead on Arrival and Aborted.

Yeah yeah i know the old ones arent “officially closed” yet. Thats cuz they keep post-poning the close date cuz this garbage new one aint taking off yet.

They will need to do something to save face when these new metaForums numbers start tanking and DROPPING WORSE THAN EVES PLAYER COUNT LOGGED IN IS DROPPING.

Death Spiral!

(Julie Morano) #3

They would need a browser, not unlike the one they just removed from the client.

Unnecessary complication, and waste of resources.

(Chackaron Mackaron) #4

You think so?
To me it would look like intergalactic newspaper. That would make people be less afk since there would we always something to read within the game with some futuristic ui.
Just like the HUD of the spaceship or something.
I guess CCP wanted to add some futuristic Ui to the game and that newspaper would be good platzdarm for this experiment/effort

(Nana Skalski) #5

Previously, you had newspaper in game in a form of clickable “read news” button in gate banners. Browser in game opened, showing EVE news. Also CQ screen is like newspaper somewhat.

They removed IGB from EVE, there is no functionality for banner “read news” button last I checked. And CQ is going away too.

How can EVE grow? CCP, how you make people deeply invested in this world?

(Chackaron Mackaron) #6

Well, gate banners is much more different to internal inClient UI based newspaper, which translates forum to the game, I guess)

Add futuristic UI to it and people who does nothing but still in game can read forums…