[Proposed Event] New Eden Games

The “New Eden Games” will be an in-game, yearly/bi-yearly event consisting of teams of normal players competing along-side the ISD team and different CCP teams in various team-based and individual activities on TQ for prizes, fame, and glory. Events will be of both PVP and PVE nature, such as a “Structure Bash Dash”, a team versus team PVE Tournament bracket, where matched teams will each have to race each other to two, equidistant systems (One system for each team), and destroy a structure, to see who is the fastest. The caveat is, the teams would encounter challenges they would have to overcome complete their race to the target system, possibly in the form of gate camps (Volunteer Players such as ISD, or NPC rats planted by devs) along the route.

This event could also be used to promote Abyssal activities by placing the structures that have to be bashed inside an Abyssal site, requiring the teams to fight their way through the site once they reach the target system to reach the structure. This may require some coordination to limit extracurricular interference in the form of highsec griefers.

The entire event could also be given a PVP twist by giving the location of the two target systems to the player base as a whole as well as the competing teams simultaneously to make it to where the teams will have to make their way to the target systems whilst fending off players trying to stop them from reaching their goal.

Another event would be a “Hunger Games” style battle royale, where players would be all be transported to a central location in Jove space, or a dedicated system in W-Space in their pods. Fully fitted ships along and Mobile Depots would be spread throughout the system which players would have to find, warp to, board, and fight each other with. Last man standing wins. This could also be done in a team-based event.

A Player vs Dev PVP tournament would be another possibility, where player-based teams would compete in bracketed matches versus CCP Dev teams and ISD teams. Alternatively, this could be accomplished in 1v1s fights to decide who among all is the best PVP pilot in New Eden. With appropriate planning and coordination, Serenity players and staff could be included to accomplish an event similar to the “Worlds Collide” event.

An additional event would set the four playable races against each other in a points-based event where players would rat, mine, and complete missions for their race within a set time frame to decide who amongst the races is superior. Faction Warfare pilots could also be integrated in this event to give a PVP twist to it, where faction warfare kills would count for points in the described event.

This entire proposal could also be used as a marketing event to bring attention to and gain revenue from if there were a real-world tie to it. CCP could partner with gaming LAN centres, such as BELONG arenas by GAME, here in the UK and host real-world events where potential players can come in, get involved in the event by watching or trying EVE out and competing in events, and hopefully update their accounts to Omega status and start a subscription. Furthermore, if streamfleet, evemeet, and EVE_NT were involved, the number of real-world events could be increased, and also bring in people via Twitch.

I look forward to your feedback on this proposal!


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No sub-warp racing? :disappointed:

interesting…we have an event planned for Q1 which is the #eveolympics and its along these themes - how do you feel about collaborating?

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streamfleet do run a lot of events and some of yours have a lot of potential, scarily close to some we have in planning, would love to get together and chat about some of your ideas and about taking them forward. https://discord.gg/GH3nWDG this is our public discord, come to say hi!

I would be honoured!

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