The New Eden Cup 2018 (PVP Tournament)

Hello pilots of New Eden,

Two years ago, the New Eden Cup (NEC) was founded, and over 74 pilots participated in the 2016 NEC, and over 80 prizes were given out. Preparation for the 2018 NEC is currently underway.

NEC 2018 Dates:
Draw for the cup: 4th August 2018
Official Start Date: 1st September 2018
Finish Date: TBA

In-game channel: The New Eden Cup

Over 16,000 years ago, the EVE Gate collapsed, leading to the rise of empires who became ignorant of their common ancestry, creating conflict across New Eden. The New Eden Cup, founded by the four races of New Eden, is an annual PVP Tournament that brings together all the civilisations, with the hope of improving relationships and restoring peace across the galaxy, a peace that humankind once knew of…

Introducing Pirate and SOCT Ships into the NEC:
In the midst of turmoil, from Drifter raids and the discovery of the Triglavians, the Empires have agreed to allow teams to field a limited number of Pirate Ships and Society of Conscious Thought Ships (SOCT), in order to provide Capsuleers with a more diverse range of ships to practice with, and hopefully inspire them to fly such ships to bolster desperate Empire efforts to contain the emerging threat that New Eden faces.

Entry Rules:

  • Free entry
  • Each team must be race specific. You can either fly for: Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, or Minmatar.
  • Each team captain must name a squad of 10 pilots by 21 July (failing to do so will mean you cannot enter the tournament). Up to 5 reserve pilots for each team is allowed (allowing for a total of 15 pilots in a team).
  • If you wish to enter the tournament, please send me an in-game mail with the race you wish to fly as
  • A maximum of eight teams can enter the tournament, with no more than two teams being of the same race

Match Rules:

  • Each racial team must only field their own racial ships, with the only exception being if they wish to field one pirate/soct ship per match
  • Ship Points System is mostly identical to Alliance Tournament, however the Serpentis Ships share equal points to their Pirate Faction counterparts.
  • Failing to show up for a match will mean that you will be forced to forfeit
  • Two forfeits in a row means that your team is disqualified from the tournament

Fitting Rules:

  • Fitting restrictions are mostly identifical to the Alliance Tournament, with a few exceptions (see below)
  • All Navy Faction Ammunition and Tech 2 and Faction Drones can be used
  • Reactive Armor Hardeners are NOT allowed
  • No more than 1 resistance module that increases one resist can be fit per ship, i.e., no more than 1 Armor Kinetic Hardener, EM Ward Field, etc
  • No more than 2 Resistance modules that increase all resistances, can be fit per ship, i.e., no more than 2 Invulnerability Fields, 2 Energized Adaptive Nano Membranes, etc.
  • No more than 1 resist rig can be fit per ship, i.e., anti-exp rig
  • No more than 2 EWAR mods can be fit to each Ship that receives EWAR bonuses (Target Painters, ECM Modules, Weapon Disruptors, and Sensor Dampeners, fall into the category of an EWAR mod)
  • No more than 1 EWAR mod can be fit to each Ship that receives no EWAR bonuses

Pirate Ships Allowed:
Amarr: Sansha’s Nation, Blood Raider Covenant, Servant Sisters of EVE
Caldari: Guristas Pirates, Sansha’s Nation, Mordu’s Legion Command
Gallente: Guristas Pirates, Angel Cartel, Serpentis, Servant Sisters of EVE, Mordu’s Legion Command
Minmatar: Blood Raider Covenant, Angel Cartel, Serpentis

Pirate Ship and SOCT Rules:

  • Teams are limited to what type of pirate ships they can field (see above: ‘Pirate Ships Allowed’)
  • Teams can field no more than one Pirate ship or SOCT ship per match
  • If a team loses a Pirate ship or SOCT ship in a match, they cannot field that particular ship or any other Pirate/SOCT ship type which is the same size; this is due to the limited agreement made between the four Empire, the Pirate Factions and the SOCT. An example of this is if your team loses a Gnosis, you won’t be able to field a Gnosis again for the entire tournament, but you will still be able to field the other SOTC Ships if you have not already lost them. The same applies to the Pirate Ships, if your team loses a Pirate Battleship, then you won’t be able to field another Pirate Battleship in any other match during the tournament. However, if you lose a Pirate Battleship, you are still entitled to field a Praxis, and vice versa.

1st place - Receives 15 Faction BS (1 from each race)
2nd place - Receives 15 Faction Cruisers (1 from each race)
Raffle - Faction Frigates, SOCT Ships, PLEX
Player Awards - most kills, most final blows, top damage dealers, top survivors, player of each team, player of the tournament, rising star (inexperienced pvp pilot with good performance), NEC Fair Play Award (team with the least violations), Most Organised Team, Most Entertaining Team to watch, All-Star Team (Selection of best players from each team).

Salah Zim Antollare: 16 Billion ISK
CPT Jack Swallows: 6 Billion ISK

Thanks you very much :slight_smile:


Why is there an entry fee? 2016 didnt have one. And yet youre asking for donations too?

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Entry fee is due to no sponsors this time around, unfortunately

Are you aware that your Start Date conflicts with the final weekend of the Alliance Tournament, if I’m not mistaken?

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It’s ok, I’m sure you’ll be free by then :stuck_out_tongue:

So 8 teams of 10 people, 80 people total.

100 mill each means you get around 8 bill.

10 faction battleships, each worth about what, 400 mill? is a total of 4 bill for the faction BS.

10 faction cruisers, each worth 200 is around 2 bill total.

you get off with a tidy 2 bill profit.


tawa :’(

the point is that regardless of teams being still in or knocked out, no one is going to want to do this tournament when they’re burned out from AT let alone still in AT lol


  • Free entry fee
  • More prizes have been added

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