Prospektor Schipplock for CSM 17 (not running - again)

Allianceleader of the EDENCOM Defensive Initiative, an RP-Based Alliance, protecting NEW Eden against the Triglavian Threat. We make Fan Fiction. Like CDIA-Trailers. Support Corporations/Alliances aiding them in Video editing etc…

Was there as underdog in CSM 15.

If you want to know more, i am here to answer your questions. (thats my channel), - DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ?

P.S. And i support Steve Ronuken…

**but as i said, ill await the fanfest, then decide if i vote or not. And i do not **

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So, are you a meme candidate or a serious candidate? If you’re a serious candidate, perhaps you should consider telling us more about yourself, such as the activities and play styles you have experience with, your values and priorities, and what type of representative you want to be (i.e. community, subject matter expert, mix of the two).

Well, I would almost say both. On the one hand a meme, on the other hand a serious candidate. Of course, we don’t want to take that so seriously, because I don’t take myself quite seriously.

I have already run for CSM 15, and also in 2008 before that, but under a different name.

I am now 46, IT specialist for application development, hobby video fiction creator, and in the meantime no longer a member of TMC due to time constraints.

I started in EVE in 2007, then under a different name, which is no secret, who knows me, I also had a 2 year break in the middle of it, and have made a complete reboot with Prospektor here.

I lived for months in the wormhole, almost 10 years in 0.0 and am now in highsec - in which I lead the alliance EDENCOM Defensive Initiative, which is based on the EDENCOM Defense Initiative. The naming is purely coincidental, as I have reserved this name in the past. That’s why I was allowed to carry the name EDENCOM in an alliance.

To be honest, I don’t know if I can do justice to the dignity of representing a player council, in this case the CSM. I am a gamer just like you, only the games I started with have a much different style than what you know today as triple-AAA titles.

Inspired by the technology and its implementation possibilities, I’ve always been looking for ways and means to contribute something, be it through multimedia presentations, or through videos in which I like to try something new.

Now you ask yourselves why I should be chosen.

Well, I care about EVE, when I talk about EVE my eyes light up, because I am part of this community, with its ups and downs.

My focus to bring EVE to where I would want to see EVE are as follows.

Restore Project Nova,or Dust 514 for the PC in combination with EVE.
I’m also up for an adaptation of WIS, although it might be more along the lines of “Monkey island” since technically that’s too overambitious based on the fact that we park Titans in stations.
In addition, I’m very interested in the area of developing one’s own identity in the game, and I would also like to document this somehow, be it with a diary that you can write ingame, as well as ingame settings that allow an individual path. Like the one from EDENCOM, for example.

I don’t want to improve or optimize the game, I just want what we have seen so far to be restored, or expanded.

And between us, who wouldn’t like to sit at a bar and watch the ships undocking and do a little roleplay.

This immersion is what I’m still missing.

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Dear CCP,

regarding your Keynote, i am not statisfied with the current ongoing behaviours at CCP. I am not flaming, i am not trolling, i am just not statisfied.

Because of that reason, i do not want to run as CSM, because that won’t change nothing. You lost your feelings for the player base and their needs - but its your game.

I will continue playing this game to make my own stuff, my own story. Because i can.

I wont say farewell. But you should listen to the players. Or Not. Because if i had the chance to write down a letter in 2 hours, i could inspire you for 20 Years of programming. So this is ridicoulus. Makes no sense. Every Kind of Player is bitching around “to know the best for the game”…

So i do not. I don’t run. Thanks CCP. For Listening to me as Player…


I can confirm that he is a Highsec miner.

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