Protection for newbies required

Hi, I have just discovered this game and tried to understand it in its great dimension and complexity. Now I would like to express some big issues that make new players uninstall and write very bad receptions on Steam based on specific events they can encounter in just the first days.
First of all, there is no real protection for newbies against scammers or anti-social players. My personal experience in the first week is: one ‘expensive’ buy [for a 2 days alpha account] from my station in a high security to one in low sec. And a player waiting for me at the destination that destroyed in one shot my unique ship, loosing almost everything I could have collected until that moment… amazing [yea, there was a pop-up about Concord what-ever-it-is… and there was also my biggest investment on the other side]
Even better looking for players to built a fleet for the current event [cause I m a newbie], i found a player in ‘Event’ channel who invited me to join him and after a 10 jumps trip (around 20 minutes…) he asked me to access a beacon through a warm-hole [ALL newbie will accept to see what there is behind fascinated by the space exploration expectation that the game wants create]. After warping to the beacon my best ship [a gift of a wonderful player I had known the day before] is destroyed again by an other player (this guy, cursedlion, literally chatted with me from the Event channel to the worm-hole tomb for 25 minutes just to archive this important achievement of a 15 years long-play player). Persons that just spend their time in play in this way are more psychiatric cases that poison any community they reach and root… than players. You should take really active actions of prevention and damage refund for all players that leaves for their actions and the bad publicity and reviews this game conquers every day. Or more exactly you should have… a decade ago or even two.
And I won’t even try to remember the players with battleships or similar asking me [with a frigate] to duel or the unnatural amount of scams in every possible feature of this game. Newbie cannot mis-click (even with green light protection active near the bottom interface) any pop-up window or they are going to return to point 0 of their game again.
What’s the purpose of this? Do we teach children to grow by beating them up till they accustom bleeding?? A kind of medieval space ships game so??
And then an other corporation declared war to mine. So that I could be killed also in High Sec systems for the fun of others.

Do you know what’s the semantic meaning of the word “game”? If it’s just frustration and suffering, that’s NOT a game. Just a punishment.

This game is a honey jar for psychopath players and there is nothing real to protect new players. Is a 30 days forbidden PVP for new players really so hard to implement? They cannot attack other players or be attacked in any way by them. Also they cannot leave High Sec or buy stuff located outside High Sec systems [and there are extreme discounts for newbies stuff outside High Sec borders…!!].
Give them the option to disable that policy option if they want, but assure them the possibility to maintain it IF THEY NEED!
This game is a mess of features, functions, interfaces and items [different items even with the same icon after 2 decades!?! …just to help psycho-scammers a little more].
It’s not complex for me, it’s just messy designed and organized and even more badly documented [and what exists is mostly work of generous players/souls].

I could end saying that this game has a great potential, but honestly even if this was true, I won’t bet a penny on the possibility of a deep re-design and re-styling after 2 decades…
But I think and hope deeply that maybe the players community, at least the healthy one, could do something to recovery what this game should have been since the beginning.


And yet plenty of people have played for ten years without scamming a single person.





So your ship got destroyed, some person betrayed you and people tried to scam you.

This is part of Eve, it’s a ruthless universe. There is protection for newbies (people aren’t allowed to gank players in the few newbie systems), but apart from that you should rely on your common sense to not fall for scams. Don’t trust people or if you do, don’t risk anything you can’t afford losing.

Risk is part of the game and if you want a game without risk, Eve may not be for you.

But, if you are willing to get into this game, you could give one of the newbie alliances in null sec space a chance. In null you won’t suffer from wardecs, wardecs are a high sec space nuisance only. And in null you’re pretty safe when in alliance space, as long as you keep an eye on your intel channels and local. In high sec you don’t know who you can trust or cannot trust, in null sec it’s much easier: blue = friend, neutral = enemy.

Also, take a look at this thread about the ‘golden rules of Eve’, it may tell you something about the nature of this game.


Yes, yes…psychopaths, etc etc…

Does anyone who writes things like this ever stop to think “hmmm…many people have played this game for some time and they all started the same as I did…I wonder if it’s not impossible at all…hmm…I wonder if some people find challenging games enjoyable?..hmmm…hmmmm”.

Well, maybe it will all be a moot point, anyway.


That’s what, children, we call “bubble wrapping”. Nothing good can come from this!


It sounds like you have barely put your toe in the pool and already are flagging yourself to be mercilessly hunted by anyone who reads this. Personally I love new players when they have the right mindset and especially the ones who need a cart to carry those huge balls they lug around pulling stunts without any idea what they are doing. People like you on the other hand I would really prefer that you find comfort in a corp that will keep the bad men away like many nulsec corps do or it may even be better you look into what makes you so fun to destroy.


A bit TL:DR for me at the moment, so I skimmed.
I’ll catch up on the commute.

Rather curious if I’m posting in a new fabrod thread.

–Gadget will see


You’ve played EVE for a very short period of time. I’ll repeat this, a very short period of time.

A successful argument could be made that players are still “new” after six months of play, and perhaps even 12 months of play. EVE is that complicated.

And, and to compound this, you left your new player-starter corporation and joined a player run corporation. This act basically announces your intention to interact with older more experienced players on their playing field, meaning no other player is going to cut you any slack due to “newness”, as no other player can tell if you are actually a new player or the alt of an older player pretending to be a new player.

And, one of the corporations you joined advertises as a no tax corporation. This is a very bad choice for a new player, as a zero tax corporation may sound good, but chances are no one in the corporation will actively mentor you and EVE is all about mentoring.

As you have discovered, EVE is poorly documented so it is important for a new player to make connections and interact with a supportive group of older players.

You’ve sort of jumped the gun, and gotten ahead of yourself in a nutshell.

Step back, take a moment and realize EVE is not a game you master.

It is an ever evolving story you help write, and whether you are a hero or a rogue, or both at one and the same time, is up to you…for EVE allows for this latitude in gaming.


To OP, have you ever experienced this kind of emotional anguish in any other game? Probably no? That’s what attracts many of us to Eve. Losses are real.


game grew when newbros got shot in the face by can flippers. game significantly stopped growing when that stopped being a thing like it used to be. only the worst of humanity wants children and newbros to grow into a safety bubble they’ll never be able to escape from.

go the ■■■■ away.


worse, some jerkwads actively exploit their newbros yet we’re somehow supposed to be the bad guys??


The first days sort the players from the whiners.

Which group are you in OP?


You can shout HTFU to this player and all other new players as long as EvE is still running. And steady influx of new players needed to keep the game alive.

OP post give us real new player experience and this is plain bad. How to improve it? I don’t know.


9 years in. I agree, although its more of a sociopathic playerbase with psychopath leadership in most cases…

Pearl Abyss has no idea what they have bought into.

Lol! :sadparrot:

CCP Falcon once wrote:

Okay, so what follows is entirely my personal opinion.

It’s not a case of not “catering to the tearfilled entitled”, it’s a case of us staying true to the core of what EVE was built on.

Some of the people complaining in this thread have valid points about the fact that they don’t feel safe. Simple fact of the matter is, that you’re not suppose to feel safe in New Eden.

Eve is not a game for the faint hearted. It’s a game that will chew you up and spit you out in the blink of an eye if you even think about letting your guard down or becoming complacent.

While every other MMO starts off with an intro that tells you you’re going to be the savior of the realm, holds your hand, protects you, nurtures your development and ultimately guides you to your destiny as a hero along with several other million players who’ve had the exact same experience, EVE assaults you from the second you begin to play after you create a character, spitting you out into a universe that under the surface, is so complex that it’s enough to make your head explode.

The entire design is based around being harsh, vicious, relentless, hostile and cold. It’s about action and reaction, and the story that unfolds as you experience these two things.

True, we’re working hard to lower the bar of entry so that more players can enjoy EVE and can get into the game. Our NPE (New Player Experience) is challenging, and we’re trying to improve it to better prepare rookies for what lies out there, but when you start to play eve, you’ll always start out as the little fish in the big pond.

The only way to grow is to voraciously consume what’s around you, and its your choice whether that happens to be New Eden’s abundant natural resources, or the other people who’re also fighting their way to the top.

EVE is a playing experience like no other, where every action or reaction resonates through a single universe and is felt by players from all corners of the word. There are no shards here, no mirror universes, no instances and very few rules. If you stumble across something valuable, then chances are someone else already knows where you are, or is working their way toward you and you better be prepared to fight for what you’ve discovered.

EVE will test you from the outset, from the very second you undock and glimpse the stars, and will take pleasure from sorting those who can survive from those who’d rather curl up and perish.

EVE will let you fight until you collapse, then let you struggle to your feet, exhausted from the effort. Then when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel it’ll kick you flat on your ass in the mud again and ask you why you deserve to be standing. It’ll test you against every other individual playing at some point or another, and it’ll ask for answers.

Give it an answer and maybe it’ll let you up again, long enough to gather your thoughts. After a few more steps you’re on the ground again and it’s asking more questions.

EVE is designed to be harsh, it’s designed to be challenging, and it’s designed to be so deep and complex that it should fascinate and terrify you at the same time.

Corporation, Alliances and coalitions of tens of thousands have risen and fallen on these basic principles, and every one of those thousands of people has their own unique story to tell about how it affected them and what they experienced.

That’s the beauty of EVE. Action and reaction. Emergence.

Welcome to the most frightening virtual playground you’ll ever experience.

TL;DR Eve is hard, it’s even harder if you don’t understand it.


dear ISD, the reason why i flagged the OP is that it’s ■■■■■■■■ asking us to tolerate someone who’s calling the whole, or even parts of the player base psychopaths. i’m sure i ain’t the only one wishing you guys would be a bit more on our side and not tolerate that either.


Scammers are the pond scum of humanity, learning to avoid them here will help you irl.
You can select block all duel requests in settings.
Block everyone that talks in Jita local.

Just a few tips to help you get started.

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Did you use ISD sorcery on my post?

Ta muchly.

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Do you see yourself as a child, Blade? I’ve met rookies in EVE with bigger balls than most hardened vets.

I’m calling Fab Rod on this one, he likes to push the whole “newbies = children” nonsense to elicit emotion.