Provide +0.25x training speed to all accounts with two factor auth enabled

Smart people enable 2FA. Smart people learn faster. Easy.



Smart people realize this idea is dumb or a troll post either way a waste of time.


Not a waste of time. CCP argues here that since Acension, account hacking has surpassed bot farming as the primary source of RMT.

To curb access to accounts with comprised emails they want to incentivize more players to activate 2FA which has not been happening in the numbers the security team wants to see.

How do you create an incentive that is meaningful to both Alpha and Omega accounts to log on and complete?

Material trinkets in the reward queue are lackluster. A single time skill reward can be redeemed at a later date. Yet, a permanent training speed boost is a ‘carrot’ reward that inspires urgency to complete. Every day you hold off activating 2FA is time lost not reaping the benefits of gaining just a few extra skill points each day.

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Another option is reducing skill training amount on all accounts that don’t have 2FA enabled. This would appease folks concerned with skill points creep. However I think negative reinforcement approaches would be less successful stimulus for security activation particularly from folks who have quit eve or taken extended brakes.


The point is to introduce something to create an incentive that doesnt cause friction. Increasing skill training, decreasing it, ALL of that would increase friction, and quite likely be met with opposition.

Something better might be giving players a choice of an untradeable skin from X set. You know, something that gives a ‘tangible’ reward, but would not have a severe impact on the game by virtue of existence.

Hmm as soon as there is an option for Google auth[tm) or my Yubikey, I might turn it on.

Skins, particularly the soul-bound variety, are underwhelming and create more work for the art department. Which ship gets the security SKIN set? Why would someone be compelled to set up 2FA on multiple accounts for a lousy SKIN?

Any kind of tangible item, be it SKIN, clothes, character background runs into this issue of ‘why do I need this now, I’ll just get it done later.’ Introducing something that provides a slight boost to passive gains inherently introduces urgency to complete to optimize those gains.

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Why make it necessary to be NEW skins? Give people a choice of skins that arent obtainable anymore.
TBH CCP could just as easily require you to have the EVE mobile app in order to log into the game. Dont have the mobile app? You cant authenticate. Dont have a phone that supports it? Tough ■■■■, you dont have the money to spend on the game anyways.

I’d wager CCP would like the option to reintroduce old SKINs for money, not just give them away. Skill-points rewards also have potential to slightly drive extractor sales. From a business standpoint it makes a whole lot more sense.

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So do those of us who practice good account security, and therefore don’t need 2FA, get +0.50x training speed? If not, why do we get punished for not using your security crutch?

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You solve gaming issues with gaming fixes and solve security problems with security solutions. That is why the guy that protects CCP headquarters from break-ins isnt spending his time coding out bug fixes in the games core playing structure.

I don’t have a phone (portable mass surveillance device), but I do have the money to spend on the game. Your “argument” just broke apart.


Many times people are the weakest link in system security. Training people in better practices is a stepping stones toward reaching goal. Sometimes human learning requires incentive.


News flash, added security already has an incentive, better security of your account. If that isnt enough too bad i dont want to be forced into doing something because it has negative consequences for my game play. I stand by the fact that security and game play are and should remain separate issues.

Also, the type of people that tend to have security issues are the type of person that is going to give their brother, friend whatever their 2nd authentication also. So force a game playing change based on a total non-relevant security issue and gain little to nothing in return, no thank you.

I’m using Google authenticator on my phone, or are you meaning on your PC?

For the Op, it’s a workable suggestion, but 0.1 sounds a much better bonus, you don’t want it too big or the people who legitly don’t have a set up that can do it feel overly punished.

Yes the phone number generator thing. I love it but whenever I reset my phone to factory settings, I don’t like it until I can use it again.

A 2FA Yubikey costa 18$ US Dollar if you buy one. It has a similar number generator thing that is 1:1 compatible with facetwitter, google, dropbox,…

+25% is… kind of high. +1/2 to all attributes is a little more interesting.

Downside is you’re messing with… an already totally shattered system (skill injectors said hi).

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How about you get to pick one attribute to permanently raise by 5?

Attributes are a terrible system that work to stop people exploring different playstyles, and primarily benefit older players making specialised alts. Making this boost only 1 attribute would contribute to making this problem even worse.


Pretty sure I said “all attributes”, not “an attribute.” No choose-your-specialty gimmick, just a small increase to anything to train on in the future.