Providence News Round Up: Titan Kill, QBL Defense, Current War, and Floseswin Deployment

*Video clicks on with a man sitting behind a desk dressed in his Amarrian military uniform sporting markings of CVA.

Good morning everyone. This is the Providence Marches news outlet and It is my pleasure to give you the news of the hour. As much has been developing. As always I will be your host Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz.

First topic of the day. Titan Kill.
The forces of the Providence Marches was able to successfully catch and kill a Ragnarok titan cass ship. This was a plan that took several weeks of coordination between Provi-bloc leadership and Imperium fleet Commanders. The operation was first designed based off the overconfidence of the Recking Crew forces to send Titan class ships and Super Carriers in battle thinking the Providence forces were unable or unwilling to escalate with such forces on the field of battle.
So this in mind the Providence forces purposely baited out a titan with a carrier ship. The result was like vermin taking the cheese. The trap was sprung and allied forces and Provi-Bloc forces gave vengeance to those who would defile its sacred space. The resulting death of the Ragnarok can be found here.
Let this be a lesson to those who would defile our home. You are never safe.

The second Update is of the Tactical Supremacy (Tickle) re-invasion of Provi.
This invasion has been focused on the QBL Pocket. More importantly the system known as PI5. Since declared traitors to Legacy and exiled from their original home they attempted to settle and invade their coveted QBL pocket. However, they found since the time of the Fraternity-Legacy war Providence had been building up a defense of the region.
We have installed a Keepstar in QBL. This was funded and set up by our allies Coalition Hispania. Unable to find a crack in the defenses TICKLE forces were forced to evacuate from the QBL pocket. During the evacuations they lost a Super Carrier. This followed by several Cap engagements with their old allies of Legacy has seen Tickle brutalized and on their heels.
Operations of the Paladins of Providence have seen no less than 6 Raitarus be destroyed in the week and a Astrahus. Operations will continue until all of the QBL pocket has been wiped clean of the taint of Tickle.
Current War Effort
This month marks the 2 year anniversary of the Invasion of Providence. Originally Spear headed by Pandemic Legion. The current leadership of the Invasion is Recking Crew. Given their position by Pandemic Legion they have held on ardently to the H6 Pocket and current advancement of the VKI pipeline.
Our forces continue to clash daily in small and larger skirmishes. The older enemy ally of Recking Crew of Arton has deployed to Southern Provi. Mainly around the R3 system. this development has seen heightened conflict in the Southern region. Most irritably has been the timing of some of their aggressive actions. Usually during Operations in which Provi Forces attempted to help relieve warzone forces fighting in hotspots.
There seems to be no end to the war still in sight. As both sides resist the other effectively with two different styles of fighting as well as motivations. As Provi doctrines usually favor faster more mobile ships the Recking Crew forces rely on slower larger ships with Capital support. While Provi fights for the Empire and civilization Recking Crew forces fight to simply watch the galaxy burn. The war of order vs chaos is played out in a daily struggle.

Floseswin Deployment,

With Floseswin IV heating up the need of the Imperial forces to shore up the system has never been greater. For this reason the Provi First Volunteers will be deploying to Floseswin. Our goal is to destroy every Minmatar loyalist structure in system. We will also be hunting and killing any citadel that provides aid to these forces.
Already we have deployed several skirmish fleets to the area fighting against Pirate and UK forces. As much as I hate to admit it I have more respect for the Forces of UK than the pirate scum we deal with on a daily bases in Providence.
We will also be deploying a 40,000 strong Marine force to Floseswin IV. The Provi 1st Space Borne Paratroopers are veterans of the Pandemic Legion wars and saw action on Thebeka where they have been garrisoned in the citadel above the planet to ensure its safety.
Talking with one trooper about the upcoming deployment he had these remarks. “Yeah, we are going to hit them just like Thebeka. Deploy behind enemy lines in small groups of Paratroopers causing as much Empress designed hell as we can against rebel and matari positions. Heck, we might be home before the new year. I just hope those boys in the crusade leave enough for us to shoot!”
More moderate strategists have cautioned this to most likely be a long war. Also the question will be if Providence Forces will be bogged down fighting on several fronts to liberate and withstand attacks. Will Provi-Bloc forces be able to withstand the attacks and also deploy large forces to Floseswin. Talking with several Provi Fleet Commanders they have all agreed on one thing. When the Empire needs us most we will be there through gods grace. We remain at the call of House Tash-Murkon and our duty is to our Empire, Margravfe and our beloved Empress. We will not be found wanting in our service.
The goals of these actions in the Name of God, Empress, Empire, House Tash-Murkon, and our Margrave is to liberate this world of Darkness to the Light. As always. Stand and you will be slain, run and you will be captured, knell and you will be saved.
Amarr Victor, Ave Providence.
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz signing off

*Amarrian Patriotic Music playing as the TV screen shifts to the Amarrian banner before going to the regularly scheduled program.


Odds are irrelevant when it comes to the fighting spirit of the Matari warriors, each will meet you on the field with the fierceness of a thousand suns. We will not cease fighting until Amarr suffers as we have suffered.


CVA claims victory while Goons did the actual work. Does that mean CVA has finally decided to abandon all pretenses of neutrality and join the Imperium?

There are none. You’re about 4 days too late. :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re very much not the decision-point in that math.

CVA hierarchy has been infiltrated by worms that now feed on an their already decaying corpse of an Alliance, They are always two steps behind everyone they attack, spineless whispers guide their hand as they hang on to some free space for all ■■■■■■■■ while supporting slavery within the empire.

Their was once a point when an announcement like this would cause a stir in the ranks, but not these days… these days we just hire more painters…


And yet you’re aiding and abetting the rape of Floseswin, taking the side of chaos in that theatre.

What a sad development. It makes me ashamed to have called Providence home, once.

Its pure propaganda. Saltz either willingly ignores or is blind to the fact that Recking Crew forces includes Ex Provi block members that were screwed over by CVA.

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