Proving Ground Reward Medal Critic and Solution

@Expendable_Unit See, we’ve just subverted your expectations :smiley:

You’re right. Now it’s all about equality of outcome.

You’re salty because you couldn’t devote as much time into the event as other people and that isn’t fair.

So now you’re crying on the forums about it.

Newsflash. It’s a videogame. Nothing real or of of any value will come from pixilated awards. The fact that you were out working a real job while others were sitting on their asses grinding away at something as trivial as this speaks volume.

You don’t need an award for being a productive citizen. Awards can be lost, stolen, refuted, or even taken away.


Or just laughed at.

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He’s placing too much emphasis in the medal itself.

I can kinda see what he’s getting at, if they were service military medals. But outside that, the vast majority of people just don’t give a ■■■■ if you placed first, or 100th in some videogame event.

What is happening basically is, that people that don’t do anything but play all day long, get a medal during these events. Basically, less than 1%. Is that the incentive now?

Just because you don’t like medals and probably never won one, doesn’t mean you can be salty about people that do care about them.

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Where did you get that from?
I never said that. Or even implied that.

I was actually agreeing with you on the 1% that ceaslessly play this game and contribute no real value to their fellow man or society.

The only person here who is salty is you, and its tinting how you receive what other people are saying to the point that you can’t even see when someone is agreeing with you, and praising you for being a hard working productive individual.

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Man, you love the word “salty” don’t you ? Also making accusations? Ever heard of people out there that do straight no bs talk? But ofc, one must assume they’re immediately salty when they don’t sugarcoat sentences.

What are you even going on about?

What does this even have to do with the original post?

It’s not about your sentences. Your O.P is essentially a request for a participation prize because you didn’t have the opportunity to spend as many hours on the event as some others have.
Some people are able to do certain things while others are able to do other things. That’s Life.
I’m sure that with some counseling you’ll get to see that you don’t really need that Proving Grounds medal.:smiley:


That’s how I read the original OP as well.

And I can emphasize with the frustration of competing against others that have more time to devote to a game.

But in my eyes, the OP is far more victorious because he holds a job. He works. He’s doing something more productive than spending all his time in a game grinding away on something that, to be perfectly honest, at the end of his life, he won’t give a ■■■■ about. He won’t be telling his grandkids about the epic imaginary medals he won in a videogame. He’ll be telling then stories about real accomplishments he’s done.


I see nothing wrong with giving players an equal standing in these events. Instead of going by amount of kills, CCP should have it set up sorta like the Alliance Tournaments.

First have a Pre-qualifying 1v1 trial, must win 2 out of 3 fights to advance to the Match Trials. Have 3 stages of 1v1 Match Trials (Bronze, Silver, Gold). Same scenario, player must win 2 out of 3 fights to advance in the competition to the next stage of Match Trials. When player loses 2 of the 3 fights, that player is eliminated from the competition.

All players receive recognition for entering the contest, an Authorized Certificate to show they were a participant in the contest, the Cert can be linked in their character bio… Players that make it to each Match Trial would receive a Medal corresponding with that stage of the Match Trials.

Lastly, all winners of the Gold Match Trial are then entered into a Free For All Battle Royal, the Platinum Match, last player surviving is the winner and receives the Kings Crown…

List of Commendation Awards:
(1v1 battles - best 2 out of 3 wins)
Authorized Certificate = Pre-qualifying Entrant
Bronze Medal = First stage Match
Silver Medal = Second stage Match
Gold Medal = Third stage Match
(Free for all Battle Royal)
Platinum Medal = Fourth stage Match
Kings Crown = Competition Winner

Basically the competition is still based on amount of kills, only difference is it’s now more equal and fair for all players, those who play 24/7 and for those with very limited amount of available game time.

However CCP isn’t really known for making things equally fair to all players…

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If they really wanted to make it truly equal, everyone should get a medal. Regardless of participation or not.

That’s only fair.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who want to join in on this but can’t because they are intimated by the more skilled players, so they opt out. Why should they be denied a medal?

What about those people that don’t have the time to put into the tournament because they are busy with other Eve activities? Should they be denied! No! That isn’t fair to them!

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Add a yearly medal to all those pilots who logged in and undocked every day 365. Call it the Sisters of EVE medal :smiley:

That’s not fair to the pilots that can’t log in and undock everyday. That only rewards those that are active in the game and that’s not fair.

What about those people that can’t log in every day? Service men, people that work jobs, people who played eve for a week and hated it.

It’s not fair to them.

No, everyone should get a yearly medal for simply having an account.

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Where did you hear there is going to be a medal for the top 10? No one I’ve asked knows anything about it.

Top 10 get a medal. Check the top 10 guys of previous events. The medal is a sad affair tho, whoever at CCP wrote the text for it, must have been on some new anti-depressant.

Do you mean this:

yeah that gibberish medal