PSA: EVE-UNI will be removing ship fittings in wiki

Here’s the notice on the wiki:

EVE University is refocusing their efforts on teaching players how to create a ship fitting to meet their needs, rather than providing fittings that are often used as-is, without communicating an understanding for why the fitting was created in that manner.

As a result, The UniWiki will soon be removing its repository of ship fittings. They will be replaced with a renewed focus on ship-specific roles and bonuses, as well as links to broader articles on how to fit ships for those roles and bonuses. UniWiki will also provide links to other websites (e.g. zKillboard, EveWorkbench) and articles on how to find suitable fits on those websites.

This notice is to provide you the opportunity to save your favorite fits. There is no set date for the Fittings removal, but it will likely occur within the first week of August, 2020. The process to remove fittings will be accomplished automatically, and does not require assistance or editing by wiki contributors. Thank you – EVE University / UniWiki Management


That’s a good move. The vast majority of their fits were really outdated anyway.

A bit sad, those fits outdated as they where have helped me alot in finding suitable modules for certain ships. Still with the possibility to simulate ship fits in game the advertised change like Celine says does sound like a good idea.


I like the idea.

Give a capsuleer a fit, he will fly for a day.
Teach a capsuleer to fit, he will fly forever


Give a new capsuleer a bunch of theory, he will quit. (This is a game!)
Give him a set of instruments, with some explanation of course, he will try, gain experience and learn. And he will stay. (Because he will be successful.)
All of the fittings I tried from EVE Uni lately where quite good. And I learned a lot, still.
My opinion: Massive fail fit now for EVE Uni. Read what they tell us now about the ships, it’s a joke, all info is available ingame as well.


These fits helped me really much. I didn’t just copy (unable to fit T2, power issues etc.), but I’ve got an idea how one may set up the ship, which modules are featured, if armor or shield, which weapons to prefer, what to put in this last empty mid slot. Especially with ships I’ve never heard of prior to that.

It’s a pity, because it’s way harder for solo newbros.
I hope most new players get some fits in their corps, but is this solution better?

It’s far better to learn how to fit rather than being handed a fit and not really know why the fit is the way it is.

The Uni has a decent enough Ship Fitting Guide on their wiki. And there has to be several other open fitting guides that are relatively current on web.

There are community fits available in the Fitting Tool immediately for newbros, and should they get into corps that teach fitting, and maintain fits and doctrines those are also available; they don’t have to be “stuck” being solo. It is an MMO after all.

There are chat channels that have been set up with fits available for newbros, including for Alphas.

And there are the sites one can get fits from, it just takes someone pointing them out to a newbro and to explain that the basics of knowing how and why to fit so they can start to learn why some “random” fit on the web or a wiki may or may not be something good for them.

Getting fits from ZKillboard can be great, and pilots need to learn that good fits die too. Just because something is “killed” doesn’t mean it’s a bad fit. It understanding some basics that allows a pilot to understand. Fits from wikis and other sites, such as EVE Workbench, are just as likely to be bad or good.

Yeah, if you’ve got plenty of time, and you start to read and understand instead of flying around enjoying some action. Or if you already know what to do and only need some hints about special features.
As already mentioned each and every ship has these features (even the Velator has boni), so some general fitting guide is nice, but not really helpful when sitting in front of a brand new naked hull.

Because I already know what I do (more or less), this loss is merely of a sentimental nature for me. But I repeat, for solo new players this game became essentially harder. Perhaps the majority of us just don’t like Newbros behaving this way, but because I started exactly this way (and still love to be independent), I feel fond of these guys.
You are really trying to convince me that a new player who has no clue gets better results from ZKillboard than from EVEUni? Remember, there’s also really horrible fittings around.

Given the ongoing tiericide patches and the sheer work it takes to keep the fittings valid across patches - I really don’t blame EVE Uni for taking them down, since players already struggled to copy them into the game. Newbros wouldn’t know why the import couldn’t find a module, after all.

That’s a way better argument - practical reasons are perfectly ok.
CCP changed many module names and features recently, that’s true, so there’s fittings for 345 Ships to be checked and adjusted - what a chore.

Thank you, Wayback Machine.


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