Public Apology to Signal Cartel

To everyone in Signal Cartel I’m extremely sorry for taking your generous gesture of putting a mobile warp disruptor also know as a “bubble” don’t really know why but anyway to guide lost people faster to your “caches”. I’m extremely sorry to all the Signal Cartel members who might have been offended by me assuming you wanted me dead when you warped in a ship called Tengu to assist me in escaping the hole I was in. The only excuse I can offer is that watching Eve videos makes you feel like everyone is out to kill you. After a brief but very informative chat with Mynxee who seems like a really nice person and apparently she is really a woman who likes role playing as a mother to her corporation (weird but everyone has different tastes I guess) I realized that the warp disruption thingie was obviously not there to hurt me and the Tengu pilots clearly where a fast response rescue team I’m sorry for running away when I saw you I just heard bad stories of people dying in wormholes and assumed wrongly very wrongly that they meant me harm. I also learned that the only 100% secure place to be is called “Highsec” if anyone can point me in the right direction to this paradise on earth I will totally be grateful for it. I’m extremely ashamed of my selfish, noobish and ungrateful behavior and promise that from now on everyone in eve is going to get a presumption of good will from me. Thank you very much for the probes and the rescue team I managed to save the expensive ship someone gave me. I don’t understand why people say Eve is toxic any other community would have taken the free kill and people in Eve actually try saving each other from being lost faith in humanity restored. So now if you see Tengu ships flying now they really are rescue ships trying to keep everyone safe. I <3 Signal Cartel thanks for the rescue. Best eight days of my life love this game. Any other useful tips and tricks would be really appreciated. Please don’t take advantage of me I’m new and don’t know all that I should keep being super nice. Also please refrain from painting the game in such a negative light in Youtube it really looked like a cut throat dog eat dog game when its more of a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic simulator awesome I had never seen a game with a smaller learning curve and with friendlier players. Is the Judge a mythical character kinda like Zeus and that guy couldn’t possibly have done halve the things they say he did I mean I made a whole 3 million exploring in less than an hour I feel rich already can already afford to buy 3 new ships awesome game. PS how do I get a Tengu to be a space rescue person is that like a destroyer or something I hear destroyers are super expensive someone said over 10 million for one with all the modules to work I’m so getting one I want to be like Pris Naari saving people with my Tengu friends using “bubbles” can that be my super eve hero name I really liked Bubbles from Power Puff Girls.

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I used to be a member of the Signal Cartel for quite some time. It isn’t standard procedure in rescues to deploy mobile warp disruptors or to warp to someone in a Tengu. Rescues are carried out in a much more professional way. If there was a ship heading your way to provide assistance it will not approach your ship in an intimidating manner, or place itself in a position that would allow it to be attacked by you.

When rescuing a pilot that has a mobile depot, and there is a rescue cache in system, you will get instructions to reach the rescue cache to get probes and a probe scanner to fit to your ship. There will not be a mobile warp disruptor anchored by any member of the Signal Cartel. Such modules are generally forbidden by corp rules, as they can put others at risk of being attacked.

If your ship does not have access to a mobile depot, the W-Space system where you are stranded will be registered in Signal Cartel’s database and if a pilot stumbles upon it he will be notified by a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence copilot developed using stolen technology from CreoDron. That pilot shall then conduct the rescue in a way that keeps both of you out of harm. Usually it involves dropping bookmarks to wormholes to an exit chain that you can use to leave the system, and then providing instructions to reach those bookmarks.

Signal Cartel pilots do not attack other pilots, and are only authorized to use force defensively. If a Signal Cartel member is involved in the destruction of another ship, an enquiry will be carried out, and the pilot may get court-martialled if evidence of unprovoked use of force is found.

Although the Signal Cartel does not carry out PvP aggression, its pilots are not risk-averse, as the Signal Cartel operates mainly on W-Space and Null-Sec. Signal Cartel explorers are difficult to catch and destroy. The EVE Scout alliance under which Signal Cartel operates is almost perpetually under war declaration by unfriendly organizations. This makes High-Sec as dangerous as Null-Sec and W-Space for Signal Cartel members, and it matters little.

The poster is misleading people about the way the Signal Cartel operates, probably in order to make it easier to destroy ships belonging to other capsuleers unfamiliar with the organization procedures. If you land in a warp disruptor bubble, cloak and use your propulsion modules to get out as fast as possible and warp to a celestial or safe spot immediately. It was not placed there by the Signal Cartel. Do not ever assume that a Tengu warping to you means you any good.

The only circumstances when Signal Cartel members will sneak on you is during Hugs fleets. You will be hugged, and your ship will not be in danger during these operations, although on occasion you will be ECM-jammed to prevent damage to Signal Cartel ships during hug delivery, but only if it is deemed that the jamming will not put your ship at risk.



playing eve tends to have that effect too, and generally its on the mark.


Ikr its totally off the mark I mean everyone in Eve is awesome I heard some NASA scientists even like this game. I have never had older players help me so much in any other game in WoW (please erase name if not allowed don’t ban me I’m new) people actively looked for situations where they could grief players but here people just shovel isk at you and help you out so amazing.

I got a bad feelin about this, Chewie


Dear Anton Kring I am not trying to mislead anyone this happened to me and Mynxee and several other members of the Eve Scout community including yourself said that Pris Naari is a honorable member of Signal Cartel forgive me if I took a wrong conclusion in assuming that if a bubble was deployed by him/her/it it was to assist me and I also assumed that the reason I was unharmed was because clearly the pilots where an elite super rapid response team set to help out strangers kind of like a coast guard or something. After speaking to Mynxee it seems abundantly clear that Signal Cartel members seek to be “neutral and never initiating aggression, and endeavoring at all times be perceived by the New Eden community as a non-threat.” This was taken straight from their website so unless you are accusing Pris of something evil and have proof please refrain from saying people are misleading. Its abundantly clear that you need a refresher in the credo I googled it at this showed up as the link clearly Signal Cartel doesn’t use disruptors to kill people but only to save them. I was so inspired by their wonderful Credo that I solemnly swear to uphold it for the rest of my Eve playing. Why did you leave? Did you get kicked out? Is this the vendetta Mynxee warned about? You should reconsider this action plan as attacking the reputation of Signal Cartel makes you look silly.
Anton Kring please refrain from slandering and/or libeling other players it looks bad.

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I loved that Star Wars reference totally cool I love Chewbacca and Han Solo.

oh its pretty common for vets to go out of their way to help a newbro out,
we’v an old tradition of shooting said newbros in the face first though.

partially because its something of a litmus test ,
partially because were a bunch of bloodthirsty savages … ok mostly because were a bunch of bloodthirsty savages but regardless,
you can tell a lot about a player from seeing them deal with a loss.

if you get a slew of verbal abuse out of them or bemoaning on the forums and calling for the game to be changed to meet their expectations over a single asplosion then you know they were probably going to be a waste of your time,
conversely some take it quite well and will be very chilled out (if somewhat put off) about exploding in the infamously violent eve , these guys , these are the ones who get linked to resources, who get shown the ropes and kidnapped into piracy or recruited by mercenaries.

now obviously not everyone will be cool about it, gobshites abound as they do anywhere but
iv personally replaced/reimbursed ships and fits for plenty of lads id just murdered because they were mad sound about being shot at and were willing to learn about the more nuanced aspect of the game.

so when you do next have your cupcackes wrecked by someone, try chatting with them after, you would be suprised how many of us like plucky newbros

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That is exactly how I feel Eve is and if I get killed I promise to just contract them a new rookie ship and sending my fumiest joke. I totally hope the forces of Eve that be give me the pass in this Litmus Test even if I’m not a total savage. I totally want you to be the first one to kill me if you promise to not give me the money to buy a new one but rather help me learn how to make isk faster. Contact me in game to arrange a kill I heard the more you die the more you enjoy the game. Be my first Ralph please.

Holy run-on sentences, Batman!

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and his main

is well known by Signal Cartel for his thievery and harassment of SC and others with his alts.

Signal Cartel / EvE Scout is Known and praised by both players and staff of CCP for the work and support of the game.




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i unnerstood evvery werd an aggree untirely

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Pris it makes me sad that you accuse me of such heinous things without proof and abuse the good name of Signal Cartel to slander me. If you have proof of such evil sayings post it or retract your statement also while my relationship with SC might have ended poorly I hold no ill will towards you and wish you the best in your endeavors. I guess my toon will forever be branded thanks to the unkind words posted by you and Mynxee. Whatever I did to deserve it know I never wished anyone in Signal Cartel ill and still consider some people in it friends. Its a shame my reputation (what little and worthless it might be) got dragged through the mud. Do you want me to leave Eve will you stop saying things about me then? I will leave and donate all my assets to whomever you say. You ruined any possibility of joining any corporation with your lies and everyone will look down at me forever. I quit Eve and you can have my stuff.

And now you owe the forum denizens an apology for that abomination of a textwall!

Supporting evidence the toons are related:
Text walls. Jesus please, send me bleach that I might flush mine eyes of this aberration.

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Public apologies are best turned into Private apologies!


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