Pulling implants before dying

I agree. Removing killmails is a good idea OP.

So you could care a little bit at least about the OP’s kill?


unless I’m mistaken pods never drop their jewels, and thus are never worth ganking unless you want to make someone salty.

Loss helps ensure demand. There are always reasons to kill anything, totally unrelated to salt.

Including more practically, in the case of pods, a bounty payout. By far, the biggest bounties I have earned have been from grabbing shiney pods in highsec as they are one the few place people accumulated big bounties and act fearless around flying expensive pods.

Not that a juicy killmail wouldn’t provide a lot of motivation on its own.


ganking isn’t all about salt.

he deserves it. EVE’s a jungle.

an autopiloting pod, with implants, asks for it. he knows it’s a jungle, yet does it anyway. it’s like running around in a business suit in low income/high crime rate areas. Stupid, because you’re likely going to die. vOv

I support the idea of being unable to pull implants while tackled!
But i prefer it in any combat situation (advanced brain surgery lvl V)

Scanning pods for implants was an discussion a few years back. CCP was smart enough to not go with such a trolly game mechanics that would be abused the hell out of.

Shoot the pod faster.

how would that happen? and by whom? the minority of gankers? please explain.

This is a perfectly valid tactic to stick it to idiots that care way to much about their KB. It has 0 negative effect on gameplay and requires you to give up the fight and pull the plants before it’s too late

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