Punish Me!

I am cloaked and afk :blush:


@ISD_Sakimura @ISD_Buldath OP has successfully cloaked the content.


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People like you should go to the lowest level of hell…

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If you want punishment, go read some posts by Dryson or any other anti-ganker.


Looks like ya’ve got some serious mental issues, mate.

At last I dont cloak afk…

What’s wrong with a guy who leaves his PC to do somethin’ else? Nothin’ at fuckin’ all. If ya thinkin’ he’s got issues then ya abso ■■■■■■■ lutely need to get some help. This ain’t real life, so stop treatin’ it as such.

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That would be cruel and unusual punishment yes?


I haven’t been on here in months and Dryson is still at it…unbelievable.

*throws pink glittery cotton balls at you*


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I wish the OP would quit acting like a CCP Dev…:wink:

in Hisec

Oh the butthurt is strong with this one :rofl:

Damn profligate :grin:

Works if you are in CODE.

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Please PLEASE… will somebody spare a thought for the poor Ratters.

Shaking with fear in their space-boots, while cowering in their docking bays.

Bro I’m cloaked in wormhole stealing all the beer out of your fridge.

Rorshach threw him down an elevator shaft.

ISD should have locked this as soon as it popped up. Now it’s been necro’d, too. :roll_eyes: