Purchased Time and Plex

(Srydeau Denon) #1

Status says payed both in Steam and on Eve Online the hell is going on

(Memphis Baas) #2


Give us a few minutes to guess what error you’re seeing and what the problem may be. We’ll run a poll, google for anything you’ve posted in the past, and prepare a nice “here’s how to fix it” post for you.

(Memphis Baas) #3

Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Look in the Redeem Items app in-game.
  2. Create a support ticket with the category Billing / Activation.

(Old Pervert) #4

Note that plex will be automatically redeemed into your vault. As the vault is shared by account there is no reason NOT to redeem it right to the vault.

(system) #5

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