PvE Advice for Cerberus

You have some gathering dust? That alone hints at exactly how useful these ships are :stuck_out_tongue:

With suicide ganking- you’re not worried about tank, but you need to deal DPS very quickly (before CONCORD insta-wrecks you). The benefits of missiles don’t really shine under these circumstances.

I’m a hoarder.

I use a Cerberus for PvP and it’s fun as hell. Most optimized thing in the world? No. However it’s powerful and people don’t see them enough to understand exactly what they can do.

For abyss PvP I accidentally took the arena gate with my bling RLML cerb and warping in I almost had a heart attack. An Orthus appeared launch drones and burned toward me. I melted him before he even got a shot off on me lol.

Before the rebalance updates on both the Cerberus & Tengu i used to run 5/10 sites in a Cerberus without a problem. I wouldnt really run it unless you wanna go there in between.

I decided everyone was helpful (to varying degrees). I’ve sent each of you a small isk donation for your help.

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You are too nice for this game sir! (or madam, as the case may be). :slight_smile:

Edit: Though I am reminded now of someone I met once in a WH, I was doing site (hacking) in my stratios, noticed new person in system on dscan, next thing I know they’re saying hello in local…

“This is not how WHs work” I think, as I start to edge slowly out of the site and cloak up, figuring it must be a trap!!

But no! just a nice (or overly cautious) person, offered to bring me in supplies (another trap for sure!) which I declined. They then asked if I was hunting them, I assured them I was not and I could guarantee no one else in my corp would either (as they were all offline :slight_smile: ). Then my wallet flashed, they’d sent me 100mil isk :astonished: so I proceed to tell him which sigs were WHs & where they went (I figured I needed to do something for the isk)…

So yes, sometimes people are just too nice for this game :smiley:



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