PVE and Loyalty points (New skins, clothing, and missions)

I have been running PVE missions for different NPC corporations, but the rewards for each group is very similar. In general the PVE missions are the same no matter the corporation. Could these be reworked to have more diversity in the missions, and the missions more specific to the NPC corporation and their ethos. In the distribution missions, moving Raggy dolls doesn’t really feel like it should be a major part of the missions. (Some should be more humanitarian in nature while others are more weapons/smuggling).

Could clothing or skins specific to the corporations be added? If I am running most of my missions for a specific NPC corporation I would think they would bestow something that is specific to their corporation to their valued contractors.

There is little chance that there will be any changes made to the existing mission system - it’s a legacy system, one of the oldest in the game, and they can’t really mess with it (they could, but the time it would take and the potential for unintended consequences are too high). LP store stuff is more likely, and I hope adding new things would be part of any faction warfare revamp, assuming we’re able to convince them to put some attention to it.


CCP has already invested some time into new missions and stated that the results are promising. Considering the debacles that every attempt of theirs was when it comes to new PVE concepts, investing time into tried and proven and actually entertaining PVE concepts would be time well invested instead horribly wasted like on the invasions, on Poochven, on Sotiyos, on FOBs and so on.

Yes, they’ve created new missions. The reason they do this is because it’s very, very difficult to do anything with the existing system. I’m 100% in favor of getting new missions and new PvE in the game, but OP is asking for changes to existing missions, and that’s just not something I think is in the cards.

That’s definitely something they should never do. These missions are perfectly fine as they are (besides of bugs). It would also be a big waste of time that could and should be spent on creating new missions for all kinds of things that the lore, recent developments, other bigger PVE (Incursions, Trigs, Drifters, etc) and so on create.

I would love to see faction skins for other faction ships in the LP store. It would be great to fly other faction hulls w/o flying their colors

While somewhat out of the exact thread discussion, if CCP can have 3 years of running Abyssal Space sites containing 3 rooms of randomly generated properly leveled opponets and rewards, why cannot they modify that generator to create the frameworks for more missions?

Again they can make new missions, just not change existing ones.

Yes and why is that? It may not fit their “ideal” player profile, yet the number of mission runners is high, especially in HS. Such low hanging fruit would at least calm a sizable number of players, while not disrupting their economy ecology for the game. Strange decision on CCP’s part.

I explained why - it’s technically difficult and the resources would be better spent doing other things.

You misunderstand or I was not clear: my complaint was not of changing existing ones (an admittedly tough job), but that CCP is not utalyzing their current ability used in the abyss to create more content for mission runners, a goal you have supported in the past.

I think it’s only a matter of time before this happens. Given what we’ve seen with the new AIR NPE, I’m hoping we’ll see this sooner rather than later.

Given what they have shown with air and the New NPE I really hope we see it all later rather than sooner. It’s a bit of a mess.

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