PvE Exploration Restrictions on T3

Oh, and one last thing. T3D Jackdaw seems to be much better choice for high sec combat exploration.

Make a billion ISK in high sec exploration… Are you actually having a laugh!?

In my 9 years of playing I’ve never come close to making that much not even spread out over several sessions in a month! The most I get is maybe a pithium c type shield hardener that goes for maybe 5 million (not checked market recently, but they are not expensive) more often that not its faction ammo loot in high sec. All the shiny expensive stuff comes from low sec and escalations. And no, since my ship is restricted I do not actually do that content as much as I’d like to. The thought of travelling 20 jumps back to base then 20 jumps back to site is somewhat off putting! So for the last 3 years I’ve barely undocked because I’m between corps, don’t fancy getting involved with abysaal content and incursions are not what it used to be.

What’s changed about exploring? Oh I don’t know, maybe the lack of loot! ? Or maybe all the new content that pays significantly more!?

Yes t3 can lock fast but so can a Vexor but a Vexor has range over a legion and a drake takes longer but also out ranges a legion. I gotta burn maybe 30km to get in range before I can start shooting and at 389m/s that’s not gonna be fast with an AB fitted.

Honestly all you pvpers commenting, do you actually even go exploring in high sec!!? You have no idea what it’s like. Pretty much my only interest left in eve is severely hamperd and yes that’s my issue not the game and maybe it’s just my time to call it a day with eve in general…

Exploring extremely lucrative, compared to abysaal farming? Yeah right, that’s utter BS!

As a previous comment mentioned, exploring is all about long trips away from home system, ship swapping isn’t an option.

You seem burned out.

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I don’t use forums typically so not sure how so quote… But yes. Kinda burned out. I’ve been in 0.0, Low sec, mined, incursions etc etc etc. Eve is a full time job and exploring was supposed to be casual fun by not taking anything too seriously… But unfortunately, it’s not… As I said, it’s not about the isk. It’s about enjoying the eve music, chatting with friends and generally just enjoying the game in a simple fashion without the added pressure and stresses on the ‘seriousness’ that is typically eve online.

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So, why does the low isk/hr bather you?

It doesn’t what bothers me is I can’t do the content I like. Sure I can got into low or null but without the protection of an alliance I am food for pvp pilots and will die consistently and in a T3 that is hard skill training time. So high sec is my only option right now. And doing content that many people have already stated, t1 cruisers can run those sites and can also scan down those sites… It’s odd that t3s are at a significant disadvantage and for a ship that was designed for this kind of stuff just doesn’t make any sense to me, it’s obviously just me that thinks that.

People keep saying t3 are highly configurable, yes they are but would you really fit anything other than exploration fit??? So that argument is null and void bacause the only real difference between a t2 cruiser is that it’s configurable but is still banned from that content.

I’m starting to see myself as a moany disgruntled player, which wasn’t my intention! Obviously nothing is going to change regarding this. So to that end, I’m out.

Drone Assembly, Haunted Yard, Desolate Site - sentient frig/dessy - Astero chip 50 mil, Sentient modules.
Drone Gathering, Chemical Yard - Sentient cruiser - Stratios chip 150 mil, Sentient DDA 200 mil.
Pirate Hideaway, Refuge - 3-4/10 escalation, faction frigate - faction modules.
Pirate Den - 5/10 escalation, faction cruiser - faction modules, implants.
Pirate Watch, Vigil - escalations - faction modules, implants.

Pithi A-type Small SB - 150 mil (200 last year)
Worm BPC - 50 mil.

Pithum C-type Multi (invuln) - 220 mil (380 last year)
Pithum C-type Medium SB - 60 mil.
Gila BPC - 150 mil.

Watch, Vigil:
Mid-grade Crystal Epsilon - 140 mil.
Mid-grade Crystal Omega - 300 mil.

You’re so full of it.

Because of your kind PVP crowd hates us PVE bears.

You highlight the text and a little quote link pops up.

Yes, and as much of a fan as I have already said of T3C I use an ishtar in HS.

No the problem is you can’t do the content in one specific ship. There is plenty of content that has ship restrictions.

I always have at least 2 fits. And exploration/travel fit (with interdiction nullifier sub for null) and a pure DPS combat fit. That is the entire big benefit of T3C. A couple subsystem swaps and a few mods and I’m setup for pure combat anoms.

When CCP introduced T3 cruisers I felt that the skill-loss mechanic was incredibly stupid. I have never flown one. I am happy that they are becoming obsolete/antiques. Why do you want to fly the T3Cs like this so badly? Choose from the dozens of other ships.

Well the SP loss is dumb, especially these days. I’ve probably wasted at least a month retraining T3 skills.

They are my favorite for ninja 0.0 exploring though.

Was there a nerf to the loot tables to exploration? I don’t seem to recall hearing about that. Yes, there is new content that pays more, but you said earlier this wasn’t about isk.

Your issue is that T3Cs can’t be used in highsec exploration. They’ve never been usable in highsec exploration. You are essentially arguing that the only thing that interests you in the game is flying in a T3C, which you can do, you just can’t do it where you want to do it.

So instead of taking the risk of going to lowsec and flying the ship you want, you want the mechanics changed so you can do what you want with no risk where you’re already doing it in ships that do the job. But it’s also not about the isk, apparently.


Yo Brisc, tell CCP that we need a Sisters of Eve capital exploration ship. Don’t call it that, though, 'cause I want to fly it in highsec. Make it like an Orca, with some crazy scan and virus strength bonuses.

I’ll get right on it. You want a doomsday on that? We’ll call it a “high sec feather duster” since doomsdays aren’t allowed in highsec, nobody will know the difference.


No, I don’t want a doomsday. What I want is a big gun/hammer/blunt object that I can use to smash the can open if I cannot hack it.

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I didn’t want to return to this thread but I had to comment regarding this.

Loot drops in high sec have always been lacking compared to that of low and null, so no not nerfed just really low chance of getting anything decent, so with the new content, not many people go exploring these days. I’m not sure on the actual numbers but there is a significant reduction of explorers I run into compared to that of a few years ago. So no, it’s not about the isk because as you even said, there are other ways to make isk more efficiently.

Good to know the CSM is an asshole! Surely someone in your position should be leading by example and treating everyone equal regardless of your personal feelings/opinions? Singling people out in the forums by means of sarcasm or anything else other than being polite should be an absolute no no from both you, your Corp & alliance and that of CCP… You sir. Should be ashamed.

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Aw, c’mon. He was just joking around.

The thing about highsec payouts - even if they introduced ‘Module X’ that was worth more than anything else in the game, the swarms of zero-risk highsec explorers would flood the market in less than 24 hours. The only time this doesn’t happen is when highseccers get paid in isk, NPC commodities, or some form of loyalty points.

Did you ignore the post Brisc was replying to here on purpose, or was that an oversight on your part? Because if you take his reply in context with Xeux’s preceeding comment, there is nothing asshole about it - both comments are equally tongue-in-cheek humor.

Taking people out-of-context so you can be holier-than-thou isn’t going to help your argument - it just backfires. Claiming moral superiority in this case makes you look like the kind of person you accused Brisc of being.

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Honestly, I cannot reiterate enough, it’s not about the isk. I couldn’t care a less if the ISK payout was significantly reduced from what it already is. So long as I can cover my ammo costs I’m golden because I legitimately enjoy the content. Or rather did… I’m a 9 year vet, I can make plenty of isk to cover all my needs in a single weekend, it really isn’t hard!

To be fair, not a single explorer has really taken my side, so that tells me either that side of game play is in much worse state than I anticipated or nobody else agrees with me. I’ll assume the majority of you will think the latter.

That would be your opinion and actually those comments made me feel like I was being singled out by means of indirect sarcasm… If it were tongue-in-cheek humor. Then that was most definitely at my expense!

I don’t claim moral superiority, I’m new to this forum as I make a habit to avoid situations like this. I made what I thought was a reasonable request considering the circumstances around high sec and the state of the game and I have been met with aggression from the very start so forgive me if I now come across as a bit ‘defensive’ this whole thread now feels like I’m fighting a mob…

You won’t like to hear it, but I STRONGLY urge you to try exploring in other areas of space. It can be really, really fun to explore with some threat of attack by other players. You have a lot of potential - I think you just have a small mental hurdle to jump over.

I don’t care much for potential, I just want to sit back and cruise, listening to eve music and chatting sh*t on recruitment channel… But I digress, my original point in this thread is that a ship is banned from content that ships equal to or above it can still do and as I previously mentioned, to me that is nonsensical.

I guess I’m just cursed that my ‘antique & obsolete’ legion, just so happens to be my favourite ship based on looks not ability.