PVE feels kind of pathetic

I feel like PVE in the way of missions is kind of lame is there any fun missions to do cuz I’m about ready to scratch off PVE is the most tedious lame activity in the game
only getting scrap metal off of them when you kill them is pretty terrible
level 1 missions should be able to give me some decent stuff for my ship it doesn’t have to be super good I don’t like scrap metal farming
and there’s no real challenge there either I don’t feel like my little ship is ever in danger
the mobs are so weak they can’t even kill a Corvette and I’m not even trying to tank the damage either I can sit still and they don’t even get to my armor on a ship it’s designed for armor

Try Abyssal filaments, I’ve heard those can be more challenging at higher tiers.

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That will change, then become true again.

But there are always ‘easy enemies’ that will kill you. And there are always the other players around you.


Yes. EVE is centered around PVP, the PVE activities are there mostly to provide something to compete for. You may try something other than mission but it is pretty much a matter of figuring out some method that works and applying it over and over and over.

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what ship do you recommend for the Epic Arc for soe so far I’m using a Tristan and I’m not having any problems yet

A destroyer . Details here:


You can try some abyssal sites too . Any frigate can do tier 0 abyssal sites and the payment is decent .
There is an in game channel named: Abyssal Lurkers . You can ask there for details and a fit.
In this game anything PvE is trash , it’s repetitive and completely boring till it drives you crazy .

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You’ve been playing EVE for what? 5 minutes? Warp to a Pirate NPC FOB or pull a DED 10/10 escalation and then come back here and tell me that PVE is “too easy”. Here’s a hint: You won’t last 2 seconds in either one…

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Tristan will probably work for all missions except for the last, as the final boss can repair more damage than a tristan can dish out. Thus, you’ll probably need a destroyer with short range weapons fit to beat him (or ask around for some help). For more info, check out the link that Astelon provided.


PvE isn’t exactly Eve’s strong suit. Don’t get me wrong, many players like it well enough, and some will even do PvE exclusively, but it’s Eve’s PvP that makes it special. That being said, I kind of like Eve’s PvE in spite of it kind of sucking. I know that’s weird, but hear me out.

My engagement with PvE is divided into to two parts -solving and grinding. Now, the solving phase is straight up fun for me. It’s like a puzzle to figure out the optimal ways to run content. And I can lose hours and hours to theory crafting and testing. I love this part.

However, PvE becomes rather boring to me once I’ve “solved” the content, all the challenge is gone, and execution becomes a matter of muscle memory. At that point the only fun and excitement I can get out of the content comes from emergent game play opportunities provided by other players. However, this is not to say that i get nothing out of it. You see, I’m the type of person that has to be playing something when watching Youtube or whatnot. I’m not exactly sure when this happened, or why I feel compelled to do something else while watching TV, but I do. And it appears that I’m not alone. Regardless, I like pairing video content with games that I can play on “autopilot.” I’m talking about things like looter shooters, Dr. Mario 64, ARPG’s that aren’t very dialogue heavy (i.e. FONV), and solved PvE content from Eve.

So yeah, Eve’s PvE content does become quite repetitive and brainless once you’ve solved it and it becomes an automatic task. However, this quality also makes it pair really well with podcasts, youtube, or whatnot, because that means that it won’t require too much attention to be able to follow the video/audio content.

Meh. I could probably do a better job of explaining this, but I’m not sure anyone would care.

No P2W

my problem is the opposite with it I have to pay attention to it all the time it’s not really risky but it’s not really exciting the only thing in danger is my drones I wish the PVE was fun too but it isn’t it’s just a job that make money for player versus player

Well, it’s up to you, but you can definitely Eve’s PvE into an automatic task. It’s kind of like driving. Once you do it long enough, autopilot can take care of things without any conscious effort on your part (unless something draws your attention, like getting cut off, unfamiliarity with the route, or a gang of catalysts getting shotgunned on your honda civic).

Anyway, there are several things you can do in order to reduce your chances of losing drones.

  • Don’t drop drones until your ship has agro.
  • Don’t get too far away from the rats in order to help prevent them from switching to the drones that are much closer to them.
  • Increasing the damage of your ship will not only help you kill stuff faster, but also move you up on the agro table relative to your drones.
  • Using ewar modules will also move you up on the agro table. Naturally, this includes things like webs and target painters, but also the auto-targeter for some reason.
  • Naturally, you’ll need a buddy or be able to dual box in order to spider tank. However, it usually has dramatic effects on drone agro.
  • Prioritize killing frigs and webbing ships first, as they pose the biggest risk to drones.
  • Use smaller drones against smaller targets. They’ll not only apply their damage better to smaller targets, but their speed and low signature radius will also help mitigate the damage that they receive.
  • Sometimes drone agro for a particular piece of content can be particularly bad (a past live event comes to mind). In such cases, you’ll either want to switch to cheap and disposable T1 drones, or switch to a ship that gets most, if not all, of it’s damage from turrets/missiles. Then you can either use drones till they’re all dead, or skip on them entirely.
  • Some people will also sometimes fit a remote armor rep into a utility highslot in order to save drones/repair drone damage.
    No P2W

I wish CCP would do a complete overhaul of pve with updated enemies and AI

everytime they think of doing it, they see how hard its going to be, since none of the original programmers are with CCP to walk through the ■■■■ that is the spaghetti code ™

There’s some cool missions where you are not supposed to just kill rats but do recon or barely survive. But I’m perfectly understanding that can be dull, too. Losing my first Myrmidons (they were my most expensive ships at that time to Level2-3 missions was not dull at all, but kind of a shock. Or learning that repairing battlecruisers in NPC stations can be quite expensive. Get better standing, social skills like Connections and Social help a lot, so you can level up missions.
But as always in EVE: If you are a group player in a corp, PVE can be more fun just because of interaction and much higher rewards.

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