PVE Only area

0.7 and above space should be made PVE only. How hard would that be to implement? That would leave thousands of systems for PVP play and give those who don’t want to PVP a place to call home. I bet the paid subscription base would double if this was done.


There are enough empty high sec systems where you can be 99% safe in today’s eve. What are we gaining with this change?


The forum is becoming weak.

The op states he wants to suckle on his mommies teet. :baby_bottle:


No to PVE only areas. every area is PVP and thats how it should be. and this is coming from someone who does PVE only.


Go do abyssal PVE, that’s a PVE only area.


Reduced risk would also have to come with reduced reward and the rewards in highsec are pitiful already.

So I don’t think it would provide the type of outcome that would provide for engaging play.


Indeed! don’t fly like a dum dum, and no one will bother you.

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Obvious troll is obvious

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There is a PvE server, it’s called Singularity. Go there and enjoy your PvE without player interference.


EVE is a sandbox.

That’s quite a statement.

EVE is a sandbox. The players shall create most of the content in this game.

EVE is a sandbox. The players are the content in this game.

Each player is content for every other player.

That is EVE. That is a sandbox.

PvE is …

PvE is EVE’s trick to get casual or lazy gamers to undock to become content for other players.

These so-called carebears can still prosper and make great profit if they learn how to be relatively safe.

The Art of Carebearing is all about not to be profitable to other players. It’s simple as that.

Don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose. Avoid everything overly blingy. Don’t use the autopilot. Don’t leave the computer while you are in space. New Eden is vast, find a less populated area, but still in reach of a trading hub.


No. Only a few systems are PVE only, and for newbros only.

It would cost your soul and the Eve server. I don’t care about your soul though.

and make all their activity worthless. You are in a home where whatever you do is worthless.
Also don’t believe that people would not place alts here just to harass you. Mining the ore you believe is yours, killing the rats of the mission you were told is yours…

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Heh nice one

When people suggest a “PvE only area” or the ability to opt out of PvP I tend to find they don’t understand what they mean and what the impact of it would be on them in the context of life in New Eden.

So, if you want a “I will only do PvE” option, then I could only agree with it if it really meant “I do not want any interaction with other Players” rather than the “I don’t want any risk” that most seem to be asking for. So:

You can not opt in and out at will. Once chosen you all you previously accumulated assets are removed and you are locked forever in the PvE only state.
You can not transfer assets from a “PvE only” character to or from anyone else.
You have no access to any eve Online content or systems that involve other players you may possibly impact or be in competition with:

  • No access to any market - you will be competing with other players if you have (so you can’t buy skill books either).
  • No access to missions - you will be impacting the rewards and payouts from other players.
  • No access to mining - you will be competing with others for the rocks you mine.
  • No access to industry since you will be impacting other players through the activity indexes.
  • No access to corporations as they can contain other Players and can build citadels others see in space.
  • No access to undocking as other players will be impacted by seeing you in space and give a false impression of the size of an opponent in system or a camp on a station or gate.
  • and no, you can’t spin in station either in case someone makes a “spin count comparison league you can compete in”

May I suggest Farmville Hello Kitty Edition as an alternative to PvE only Eve. You know, the one where the cat piddles on your carrots…
It would probably be more interesting than PvE only Eve.

EvE = Everything verses Everything.
If you think that means “destroy everything is the rule” then you need to look at your life and your values.

OK, it’s Friday and I generally find the “I want no-risk Eve” postings irritating.
And yes, I’m mainly a solo or social player. I’m not a fighter, I’d rather build things (I joke that “I don’t fight wars, I supply them”). I like Eve as it is - there’s competition, conflict, collaboration and risk. It’s that which makes it interesting and exciting.


I don’t agree with this at all.

I’m not a massive fan of PvP personally and I don’t particularly like getting ganked, however, getting rid of PvP in ‘safer’ space would be a really bad move, both for the game generally, and, somewhat ironically, for the pilots who choose to eschew it.

The reality is that the universe of Eve, all of the systems, wormholes, anomalies and the whole universe, functions in a very similar way to an African savannah.

Within Eve you have a vast, but finite and fixed, area of operation and movement. Within the universe there areas that are rich in resources and some areas that are more meagre.

Within Eve there is a food chain and predators and prey (some pilots are either, some pilots are both and some manage to avoid the attention of either camp and survive in the gaps).

There are power struggles over the physical control of certain areas of space, over the resources that exist in that area of space and over the right to predate within that area of space.

Pretty mnuch identical to a savannah and system that relies upon the existence of a very delicate balance.¹

If there are too many predators and/or the killing of other pilots becomes too easy, the whole thing turns into a bloodbath people stop playing, and the ecosystem will ultimately collapse and fail.

If there are too many prey and/or risk drops to a negligible level then the resources become over exploited, 'botting rises exponentially, and the ecosystem will ultimately collapse and fail.

For the universe to be sustainable there has to be a degree of risk and reward, there has to be safer areas and riskier areas, but ultimately nowhere can be wholly safe.

It may feel scary but you can survive almost anywhere in Eve, it’s simply a case of balancing risk/reward and skills. And the kind of pilots you wish to hang out with. And how much adrenaline you are comfortable to have surging through your veins.

It possibly would, at least initially, but then system would be unsustainable and ultimately this would lead to it’s complete collapse. You might get a short period of “hey, this is cool I can mine all day whilst afk and waterskiing” but then Eve would be gone. I think this would be a real shame.

Pretty much my thoughts, in a shorter more succinct form.


Nature Education - Predation, Herbivory, and Parasitism: https://www.nature.com/scitable/knowledge/library/predation-herbivory-and-parasitism-13261134



Food chain relies on hunger. There is no hunger in Eve, so there is no food chain. In Eve, you can kill people but in real life, you must eat.

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Partially true.

You’re right that killing is a choice in Eve rather than the result of a biological imperative, however whilst there may not be the hunger as such there definitely is a food chain insofar as there are different grades of ships, which means, in effect different kinds of predators and different levels of success in predating on non-predators.

If I was being mischievous (perish the thought …) I might also suggest that since the actions within a MMORG often reflect some subtle degree of the real life psychological state of the person playing, there are more than a few people in the game with a pathological desire to kill others and ruin their day.


Just because you are able to exhibit common points does not make the analogy valid.

A food chain is about the need to eat specific targets in order for the member of a species to reproduce and thus keep the species alive. What’s more, it implies a cycle (or actually several cycles) of who-eat-who, meaning that the species actually work together and what is bad for individuals (being killed by a predator) is actually good for the species (because it reduces the over consumption induced by unlimited growth).
In short : if you remove the predators, then either other predators appear to regulate the species, or the members of the species starve to death by their own over consumption. (Note that this is not always true, some species can adapt their consumption or have inherent mechanisms to reduce the fertility rate ).

What I’m saying is, the comparison of Eve to “food chain” notion does not stand, even if there are multiple parts/groups that rely each on another.
Especially in a video game without the notion of reproduction of individuals, there is no pressure to select the traits that define a species.

It’s correct to say that some gameplay are more adapted to prey on specific other gameplay, but you can change the gameplay whenever you want. Or you can use a “bad” gameplay and not be worried, provided you have enough funds to afford the losses. Which makes the food chain analogy inappropriate. It’s not food chain, it’s gameplay chain, somewhat.

This is a PVP game. Trying to make it into something else will not improve it.

i would support a pvp free area as part of the new player ./ tutorial space. let them discover pvp after they learn to fly and fight an npc a few times.

Well the newbie systems are free of PvP* as it is against the rules* to kill newbies there if I recall correctly. So this already exists.

*This does not apply to killing non-newbies in those systems, you’re allowed to kill those everywhere.