PvE Setup Executioner

I’m trying to figure out a good PvE setup for speed tanking in an Executioner. I’m so far set up for high turret tracking speed and either MF or Radio crystals in the Hi Slots, with a Nosferatu filling slot 4.
I’m having difficulty figuring out a good Mid slot configuration. In videos that I have seen pilots are using webifiers and disrupters but, against NPCs?
I am thinking of Invulnerability Field, plus Afterburner. Any suggestions what might be good for the last Mid slot?
Or am I going about this all wrong?

Here are a selection of community fits for PVE:

Rats are immune to capacitor warfare so I wouldn’t bother with the NOS.
Amarr ships are best fit for armor tank - which also helps maintain a small signature radius. Use your mid slots for afterburner, capacitor battery and something that helps you hit targets - tracking computer, target painter, etc…

Good luck.



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