PVE story character viable?


I’ve been playing EVE on and off. Not with much success, but I get around with scanning and trading items. Don’t have any larger goals, really. Maybe that is the reason why I havent been able to stick to the game too much.

With all the recent updates, it seems that the game has its PvE arc as well. With some story and dynamic environments attached to it.

Do you think it would make sense to play the game purely for PvE content?

Are there any groups of people doing that, or is EVE purely pvp?

Thanks and cheers.

EVE isn’t purely anything, but there is precious little you can do in EVE that does not have some component of PvP, as any form of competition with others (market, site use, belt use, etc) is a form of PvP. That said, there is plenty of content that is low-risk from a PvP perspective, and can be done solo or in collaboration with others depending on your current mood. Consider what you enjoy doing and why (what aspects of the content draw you? what repels you?) and look for opportunities to engage in content that has more positives than negatives for your desired play style.

You can do Epic Arcs and COSMOS missions which tend to have more storyline than regular PVE missions. Some of these missions can be in low sec (not sure if any are in null) but those ones would of course come with greater risk.

COSMOS missions also can only be done once and if you fail a mission it will essentially block off the rest of those missions for you, so read read read on those should you want to do them, They also give you a standings hit with factions. They may be what you are looking for.

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