PVP agency mission's

Hi, So we currently get agency mission for ratting in certain sites and getting rewards , I think it would be interesting to gave something similar for PVP’ers .

For example , kill a frigate solo to get 10 points and so on , the rewards should be things like skins or faction mods. just a idea. The kills should be SOLO ONLY .

Yes, because there’s no possible way this would be abused with logistics or boosting.

You already have PVP missions in the Agency: They are currently called “Operation: Conscious Interruption”.

let’s pretend this wasn’t a dumb idea that is easily exploited. why should they be solo only?

last i checked you should be encouraging group activities in an MMO not discouraging it. particularly for events who wants to participate in an event when you can’t do it with your friends

So by that logic your saying agency PVE missions promote players to work together ?

SOLO only is give the Newer eve players that might go out into null or lowesec looking for action a goal. Also if it wasn’t solo then and big fleet fight would give out ridiculous amounts of points and that would be easily exploited.

There is already pvp missions in the agency . Why do you want to add more ?

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