Pvp + Pve = PVP-E?

I’m proposing a new type of gameplay interaction, mainly aimed at encouraging PVE players to accept PVP into their everyday life as a capsuleer.

First of all, Why PVP-E?
I want to address and minimize the frustrations surrounding Pvp, that many newbros and Pve players avoid at all cost. Thus, I am proposing this concept for (starters in) High Sec. I believe that providing the ISK/LP carrot for such a Pvp-e site, will encourage the PVE-fanatics to join in, and eventually induce more of them and the newbros to react postively towards PVP.

To recap, the goals are to encourage:

  • newbros, to team up and try Pvp in a relatively ‘safe’ high sec environment
  • Pve players to start engaging in Pvp activities
  • interactions among the community

What is PVP-E?
Many of you have experienced Incursions (PVE), whereby Players unite in groups and fight Npcs (Sansha), until the Npc mothership appears and is blown to pieces and everyone racks up huge amount of ISK/LP.

In the same line, my proposal is:
What if we replaced most of those smaller sites/rooms Npcs with other player groups instead? That is Player fighting each other to gain access (via hacking, etc) to the next room. And at the end of the game (after several rooms of varying diffculty) everyone has to contest the Npc Mothership (which drop significant loots). And the group who laid the highest dps wins the loot/ISK/LP rewards (abit alike the current incursions TCRC sites).

PVP-E …or the X-site?
As of yet, I do not have a name to qualify for this type of PVP-E, so for now I shall name it the X-site. Nor do I know how to formulate engagement between the 2 parties - I think the lot of you already have an idea how to set this in motion (I’m open to suggestions). The core concept being; in the X-site, 2 teams will form up, fight each other, to reach the Npc Mothership first, so they can lay the most dps and get the loot and/or the most of the ISK & LP.

Some rules:

  • alphas can participate in the X-site, as long as they have a minimum sec status of 3.0
  • so as not to become a Vet warzone, I propose X-site to be accessible only to characters who are lesser than 60 months (5 yrs) old;
  • to prevent exploit, and allow more interaction, the X-site will not be accessible to multiboxers (up to CCP to enforce/implement it);
  • once all Npcs have been delt with, any further pvp engagement (unless KR) inside the X-site, will incur Concord interaction;
  • wardecced pilots are not allowed in the X-site;

New Considerations (based on primary feedbacks):

  • to accomodate some vets (because experienced FCs would be needed)
  • possibly this site to be in or close to the rookie systems (primarily to initiate newbros to pvp)
  • 30-40 pilots per team, each team with composition (1/3 vets + 2/3 alphas-newbros)
  • possible ships to use: t1/t2: frigs, destroyers, cruisers (no bombers, smartbomber, etc.)

Work in progress
A possible layout of the PVP-E game play to come in a few days.

So, your first impressions? Is it viable? Is it crap? Enlighten me.

PS: if this idea/concept has been implemented/proposed previously, (plz provide proofs), then I apologize, no intent to discredit anyone - my only aim is for the exponential growth of Eve online.


Wait until other group does all the work

Kill them

Take prize


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:grin: well that is afterall a Pvp tactic, I suppose each group should be aware of that and carry on, yes?

How will you enforce this?

No idea, if my proposal gets good rates, I think the best cause of action will let CCP deal with that parameter.

Let’s consider for an instant that the end goal is a pile of PLEX, (which would probably appeal to newbros) do you think it would be worth fighting for? @Salt_Foambreaker @Scoots_Choco

This on it’s face is a horrible idea and should never even be considered. PLEX must not and should never be a renewable resource that players can farm from within the game. If you don’t know why this is an issue, you should take a moment to figure it out first. I cannot agree to any idea that is so fundamentally flawed.

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Hmmm well, I proposed a pile of PLEX as an example of end gain. It could also be a faction BPC (or something worthy of pvp). Yet, I cannot seem to understand the fundamental flaw, only that maybe the X-site will be very much contested? Which is the goal I wish it will attain actually. Plz do explain your point. Thanks.

Also, I recall a PVE event that was scheduled around end of 2016-17 whereby some loots included a few Plex unit (along with skins and what not). I do not remember the event, but I can look it up if you should want proof that it has been done previously.

It was never challenged whether or not “it has been done previously.” So I don’t know what you’re trying to suggest with this.

You’ll also remember that the PLEX rewards that were given out were single units that were rarely received. Not a “pile of PLEX”.

Eitherway :grin: let’s move on to your point plz. Explain how it could bea fundamental flaw please? I only wish to recalibrate this proposal to fit most players, and your feedback(s) is precious.

If I ever get to one of these sites, I would ensure that the oposing team is blue ( either my alts or alliance friends) and we would just farm the thing until we pass out.

Also, the age restriction idea is really stupid, that kind of mechanic has never been and should never be in game. It makes the vets angry and might push players to quit once they age past the limit, if these X sites has been their primary profession so far.

I do like the concept of geting more pvp into pve, specialy if it involves carebears shooting other players, but I dont think this suggestion will do it. Maybe with a lot of thinking and testing, it could be fleshed out to something decent.

Ah yeah, that is a good point. So in the last room, I think the best outcome will be to have Group-A win over the Npc + kill most (if not all) of the opponents (Group-B).

Well, the point of this concept is exactly to encourage the newbros (the vets should be already experienced pvp-wise). Now I do understand that some PVE-vets might be interested in that gameplay - so I’ll rethink of an outcome so they fit in. As for quitting once they’re done with the X-site… I strongly doubt it, people generally quit Eve because of RL, or because they don’t like the general game style, or something much bigger that just a specific site not to their liking. At the end of the day, the only existence of the X-sites will be to introduce and encourage Pvp encounters (while making isk) - it is not a PVE site meant to be forever farmed.

Exactly what I think as well, so I need all of you to literally stomp (politely :grin: ) on the idea, until I manage to polish it.

Controlled PvPvE already exists in Abyss’ PvP room form, it is quite possible that CCP will add group PvP as well at some point.
And in less controlled environment as FW (but still good for newbros to experience and get used to PvP).

Neat idea! It sounds similar to faction warfare to me in that it’s aimed at trying to be a more “controlled” PVP area. I really like the idea of mixing a PVE goal with PVP.

It does unfortunately seem hard to implement though. You don’t want vets coming in and stomping the other team but there’s really no way of preventing that without putting in so many restrictions the sites aren’t fun anymore. A good example, in faction warfare only T1, faction, and pirate frigates can enter “novice” complexe. It doesn’t take long to realize which ships do the best in these sites. It basically just becomes rock-paper-scissors or rather brawl-kite-anti-kite. And if you limit based on account age then you get people who love playing this mode that suddenly can’t anymore.

That is good to read, I did not experience Abyss yet. But from the online gameplay vids I have watched, the Pvp seems to happen only in ‘griefing’ mode ie., either to gank and steal the loot, or simply to grief. So I’m guessing even when CCP develops it into group Pvp, those sites (bearing weather changes, and multiple Npcs engagements, etc.) will still remain unattainable to the newbros or the highsec Pve’ers (who tend to avoid pvp at all cost).

As for FW (lowsec), yes there sure is an existing niche of pilots ready to engage in Pvp to make some isk. And this is where the X-site differ, because I’d like to cater my proposal for the highsec newbros, who happen to have tried low/null sec at some point, have been podded, and don’t ever want to try Pvp again.

Yes I’m aware of that it might be complex implementation. But, neat idea + hard to implement, I kinda like those odds, easy stuffs bore me to death. :grin:

The point is that I want this X-site (excite!) mechanism to motivate newbros/Pve’ers into ‘less fearing’ pvp engagement. In a nutshell, this site is not meant for more experienced (vets) players - call it a rookie training - where newbros can re-discover Pvp, while making some Isk/LP.

Thank you all, so far for your contributions. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll be refining the concept as the thread grows.

The OP has been updated with those sections;

  • Rules,
  • New Considerations,
  • Work in progress.

Thanks for feedback.

I’m sorry it won’t work.

Eve is too far a player vs player exploitation game, rather than the fair design and balance you are suggesting.

And for that reason I do not take part in pvp.

I say let those who like pvp continue to do pvp - and whatever ccp implement in that area.

You can’t convince non-pvp’ers to take part in a game area they won’t enjoy regardless.

Nice idea though.