Pvp + Pve = PVP-E?

Please abandon this thread.

This is Eve online not castle clash.

Git gud!

I appreciate your point of views, and I shall try to consider them to improve the OP.

This is a game, and there’s no ‘fair’ pvp, anyone of each side will do whatever it takes to win. You just have to try and try again, if you really want to learn, and not give up easily.

OTOH, what appears as an exploitation or imbalanced design or a design flaw, is really not. You’re still young, and have alot more to discover - I wish you well. With time and experience, you will understand that the Pvp notion is a vital constant in every part of the game design (the player-driven market, the politics, and even the Pve, etc.). Remove that constant from the game, and only then, Eve online will become imbalanced.

And this is specially why/how my OP will meet the upcoming needs of that niche of newbros/pve’ers who want to try their hands at pvp (even when they have failed previously). The PVP-E (X-site) is a place where people can ‘get rid’ of the fear of losing their pixel-money / ships, while having fun, making new friends, and probably making some isk/LP.

I have not played castle clash, nor understood your point of views.

Would you care to elaborate? Thanks.

Your idea will never attract non pvp’ers.


I can sell a car to a blind man, and have him to drive it. I bet you I can sell this idea to CCP and have them implement it. :grin:

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I don’t appreciate you bringing up blind people just to make your thread look decent…that’s bad.

And by the way, I think it’s a good idea in theory, just won’t work at all in this game. The kind of pvp you suggest is a complete re-design and just doesn’t fit into the Eve genre.

If you didn’t get it yet, was a figure of speech. Anyhow, as mentioned previously I appreciate your point of view, and shall try to refine it to meet the Eve ‘genre’ :grin: If this idea is worth a shot, don’t worry much about the re-design part, leave that to CCP.

I think that this video would be worth a watch for anyone interested on this topic. It showcases a pve players engaging in pvp over an pve anomaly. I think something similiar is what this thread should aim for, albeit aimed at newer players.

One thing that its clear is that if you make a pve site involving pvp, it should alow thirdparties to come brawl with everyone. In other words it ahould not be instanced. I do know that abyssal space has a 1 vs 1 instanced arena and as the majority of the players said when it was launched and still do, its one of the worst “un-sandboxy” things ccp has ever made. I hope they wont iterate on it futher, unless they move the pvp part out of the instanced space.

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Let’s bring in the ganker and pvp population and just spoil this idea before everyone else gets a chance.

Told you it was a bad idea.

I enjoyed that vid, big fun as you can see the mix of pve and pvp interacttion. Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ah the good’ol days when dcu would cycle.

I too, am starting to think so. Your point has been noted, I’ll think about it and try to find a solution that fits.

If you want to make an pvp arena go do it some other game. But that doesent mean that something nice mixing pvp and pve cant be made in eve. Also watch the video I linked, its a good example what it could be like.

I can’t be sure since he didn’t explain himself, but I would guess he’s alluding to the ties with PLEX and real world currency. When someone subscribes to Eve CCP generates real world income, bar the occasional PLEX giveaway. Either by directly charging money, or by having players consume PLEX that someone acquired for real world money.

I don’t know enough about the subject matter to be able to say if PLEX could be included as a prize or to what extent, but I don’t think it’s core to your design. If it awards any significant prize that is saleable on the market, players can buy PLEX if they want it, or something else if they don’t and be rewarded either way.

Until one is ‘pushed’ to discover Pvp, one has a broadly negative idea of the concept. But in the end the most addictive part of the Eve online experience, is pvp (whether in ships, or the market, etc.). Once you have tasted this drug, you’ll gladly pay to play.

I only used PLEX as a quick example, and as an ‘initiator’, while trying to figure out what other commodity would motivate new bros enough. On a side note; I haven’t had much time lately for Eve etc (RL), so maybe, bear with me, hopefully sooner than later I’ll post new stuffs to this thread. Ty. :grin:

You’re welcome. I was only trying to answer a question that seemed to go unanswered to help you reach a consensus.

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Your putting so much work into this. But it is fundamentally unworkable. I could just tell you why but you won’t take my word for it. I would suggest reading up on PvP Queues, if you google for PvP Queue on various other games you should find tons of things.

Especially problems with queue volume and:

  • Match Making
  • Prime Time
  • Stacking
  • Premades

Then think about how and who and when it will work.

Right now there is a lot of times not enough volume of players in 1 person Abyss to trigger a battle.

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Here is the reverse: lets add something to get all those pvp people to pve instead.

Sound stupid?

It sounds stupid the other way around too. It is grossly egocentric of you to believe that what you do in the game is the right way to play EVE and what pve players do is wrong or sub-par gaming. Eve is what an individual wants from the game not what YOU want others to do.

You and other people that have expressed similar ideas (sadly, including CCP itself) completely misunderstand pve players. We aren’t inferior to you, we don’t play EVE thinking that pve is an inferior way to play EVE and we certainly don’t need your egotistic butt telling us we need ‘converted’ to pvp because we’d be so much more happy doing something we hate!

I played in nullsec for 8 months, the pve was fun and made me space rich, the pvp be it 1v1 or 5000 v 5000 was boring as F***.

I have never played a game offering pvp where the pvp was as boring, slow and tedious as EVE pvp. When will more people choose pvp, when CCP makes EVE pvp something better than 100% crap.


Good post! Like any game the goal should be about having fun. I’ve done a little but of PvP activities but I agree it often doesn’t feel very rewarding when compared to the many other activities EVE has.

I do think OP has the right idea about mixing the reward system and goals of PvE activities with PvP elements. Currently, what’s the point of fighting? Some players find it inherently fun but I find that it’s a time and ISK sink. I joined up with faction warfare because I thought it was a system that rewarded players for fighting in an endless war, but it actually just rewards farming complexes and avoiding fights completely.

The thing is if you’re into PvE you’ll never find lack of content. Relic sites aren’t going to warp away once you get near, but PvP-avoiding players will. If what you find fun is PvP then there’s a chance you log in and won’t actually find it. I can understand why people who love to PvP get upset to see so many people choosing to avoid it. It is literally removing what they find fun from the game. That is why people who like PvP want to encourage others to take part.


It’s understandable. And as the earlier post says, it’s probably shared by many PvE specialists too.

But the current crop of “PvP players” almost never suggest changes that would make the combat PvP side game interesting to others. The only thing they consistently ask for is more victims for one-sided PvP.

I find very touching this kind o pleas for more cannon fodder… Sadly, if not even alpha clones change not brought to them, hardly i find anymore sources of lambs.

An alternative will be A.I. simulated players, aka a more advanced kind of bot with simulated emotion who can emulate all spectrum of affective responses from their human counterparts like grief, tears, whining and even hate mails.

That will stimulate pvp-ers to compulsive kill them, providing content and distraction from killing real human newbs, and giving them some breathing time to grow as a new generation of players.

AI victims would be effective, but I still prefer the “real EVE” way:

Two things EVE players want is ISK and victims for one-sided combat PvP. But:

  • EVE starves rookies of ISK.
  • Unsurprisingly, there are few volunteers to be the victim of one-sided PvP.

The two problems could be solved in a sandbox-friendly way with a market for rookies to “sell killMails” to rich players.

Pricing could start reasonably low (in rich-player terms) for a simple gank, with premiums for things like fighting back, pod-kills, listening to pointless insults, responding with tears and empty threats to the insults, etc.

After a while people would create bots for this, so your excellent AI suggestion would also be implemented, but at no cost to CCP.

Everybody wins :slight_smile: