PVP/RAT toon. 26mil SP. Tengu / Leshak OFFER ME SMTH!

Magic14 - Decent core skills.
26mil SP + 220k Unlocated.
Positive SS.
Positive wallet.
Located in hi sec.
HAML, Large hybrid turret 5.
High Grade Crystal set.
BO 21 billion.
Offer me ur ISK

14 bil

No, ty. So lowball.

17 bil.

@Free_Panda Yes, it’s still for sale.

175E ,can i buy?

Send acount info and ISK.

Until the transfer of ISK. I accept further rates.

OK, I will contact you in the game and provide funds, but please wait for me for a while, it will take some time to set up a new account

Ok, deal.
Character is reserved for 1 hour.

I have provided you with the fund and account information. Please start the transfer

ISK recived. Will initiate transfer soon!

This is a con man who doesn’t start the transfer, he just deletes the character

I hope the staff can help me recover my ISK!

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