PvPvE missions and battles

Hi there, i was wondering why there are no actual big PvPvE missions or battles that players would be able to do on a daily basis.

For example: Let’s say there are an NPC gallentian convoy going somewhere in a low sec. So every player (possibly gallentian) in any system close by getting a messege with a help request. and a timer (when this event begins) You jump to the convoy, join this npc fleet and go to a low sec destination point, where you will be faced by caldarian npcs, not the srongest one, just to shoot and have some fun. But let’s say the same messege about convoy will get every caldarian player (or pirate) in a close by low sec system. And those players can join npc caldarian fleet, that actually trying to destroy convoy. So that way we have PvP and vE brawl. Of course there should be some good rewards if convoy gets or doesn’t get to a destination point.

Dunno, just an idea, might be fun.

This is essentially faction warfare missions.

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