Q: How can I maintain +5 prestige with the four empires at the same time?

I think it looks very cool to maintain excellent prestige ratings with all four empires. But due to their hostile relationship, as soon as I raise the prestige of one empire, I’m bound to drop the prestige of the other. So I need the help of you guys! Thank you very much! :loveparrot:


Я думаю, что это выглядит очень круто, чтобы иметь возможность поддерживать отличные престижные звания со всеми четырьмя империями. Но из-за их соперничества, все, что я должен сделать, это поднять престиж одной империи, и это неизбежно приведет к падению престижа другой. Так что мне нужна ваша помощь, ребята и девчонки! Большое спасибо!

4つの帝国全てで優秀なプレステージランクを維持できるのはとてもかっこよさそうですね。 しかし、彼らの対抗意識のせいで、一方の帝国の威信を上げればいいだけで、必然的に他方の威信を落とすことになる。 だから君たちの助けが必要なんだ! ありがとうございます!

Ich finde es sehr cool, dass man bei allen vier Imperien hervorragende Prestige-Ränge erhalten kann. Aber aufgrund ihrer Rivalität muss ich nur das Prestige des einen Reiches erhöhen und es wird unweigerlich das Prestige des anderen Reiches senken. Also brauche ich die Hilfe von euch Jungs und Mädels! Sehr geschätzt!

Je pense que c’est très cool de pouvoir maintenir un excellent niveau de prestige avec les quatre empires. Mais en raison de leur rivalité, je n’ai qu’à rehausser le prestige d’un empire et cela fera inévitablement baisser le prestige de l’autre. J’ai donc besoin de votre aide, les gars et les filles ! Très apprécié !

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It’s some work and takes time but doable, you have to run the 4 empire epic arcs multiple times. After one run of each you have a cooldown of three months. Those give at the end a faction standing boost without penalty.

Sadly the standing boosters are not available anymore, they were super handy to accomplish this in shorter time.

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OMG :sweat_smile:

There are a couple one time in EvE life cosmos missions you can use for extra boosts. Check with google or forum. However think about why you want to do that. My motivation was to have access to all (most) lvl4 locator agents in game, and with the boosters back then it was easier.

Oh, wait I forgot, there is a 5th epic arc, the starter Sisters arc, which you should equate in, where you can choose faction standing at the end.

You can also train up the Social and Diplomacy skills to raise your standings.

In the end, when I had to repair my borked standings, I simply put a clone and some ships in the 3 other empires and bounced through them in rotation to keep my standings kinda even.

You can rotate faction missions, do cosmos missions, use data centers, do the epic arc (can be redone once at a few months), train social skills, even mess around in FW, etc. What you want it is possible , but it’s a bit more work into it. You can find more about this here: