QOL: Request for internal site beacons to be changed categories in OV settings

This has probably been requested many times but…

Would it be possible to have the beacons found INSIDE FW complexes, DED sites, incursion sites etc moved to the “Beacon” category in the overview settings instead of the “Large Collidable Object” category? The ones that you land on when you enter the site?

In order to have the beacon on your overview to more easily see where people will land, you have to have large collidable objects on your overview as well. This isn’t a problem in FW plexes, but in missions and incursion sites it adds a load of background garbage like irrelevant structures within the site etc to your OV, cluttering it up.

Just a minor QOL change that would be appreciated, at least by myself personally.

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Make a FW-only tab on your overview? Seems this time QOL stands for Quite Obviously Lazy :parrotcop:

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