[QoL] stackable accelerators

You can replace accelerators with boosters, I don’t think it would harm and would avoid specific coding.

I PAID ig for those items. Why do I need to connect at specific moments ? This is annoying.

  • you can consume an accelerator when already having the same in effect, unless your end effect is beyond the expiry date.
    If I have a +6 that lasts 6 more hours and expiry is in 5hours, I can’t consume it. if expiry is in 7 hours however I can.
  • each accelerator increases the end of the stack.
    If I have an accel that ends in 2h and I consume one that lasts 48h then the active remaining time becomes 50h.
  • you can’t consume an accelerator that is different from the one you have in effect.
    That is to prevent, consuming a +12(48h) then a +10(60h) to have a +12(108h)
  • if you consume 10 accelerators, they will actually be consumed one after the other.
    Limited of course by expiry date.

possible : limit to N stacks at the same time. N being the skill in biology ? or in drug skills ? 1+(bio + neuroctr + neurorec)/5 , for 1-4 stacks ?

I would agree that you can replace a current accelerator by taking another for the same slot. However I would not agree that you can extend one by taking another (or chaining multiples).

The market for accelerators continually fluctuates during the course of an event that drops them. I would like to see that continue depending on the continued useage and speculation of booster consumption.

There is also the incentive to actually log-in to activate the accelerators. I believe this is one of the intended design goals of them.

How would this also affect combat boosters? Especially those with side effects…

For combat boosters, I think adding side effects together would not make things imbalanced.

It’s chaining them, not extending the first, as I said in my fourth point.

I got all mine on day 2. No reason to buy any more. If I have them to consume them, I won’t speculate. So those who don’t consume them… well they still can speculate.

To me it looks more like a punishment.
I DID complete the event things. And now the reward from it REQUIRES that I log in every two days at the same time.

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