Quadrant Trailer Hype Thread! Done!

Just making sure I’m going to be the first.

Also if this gets locked no one else can make a thread like this,
because it would be “reopening of a closed thread” and therefore against the rules!

Which means mine gets to stay!

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode, am I right? :blush:

I’ll even provide a semi-live countdown!

106 Minutes left!
105 Minutes left!
103 Minutes left!
96 Minutes left!
78 Minutes left!
73 Minutes left!
63 Minutes left!
60 Minutes left!
42 Minutes left!
30 Minutes left!
11 Minutes left!
8 Minutes left!
7 Minutes left!


“Nothing kills a bad product faster than great advertising.”

People are going to hate this regardless of what it is, just because of this dumb buildup timer.

All I’m hoping for here is that the video showcases the new localization update. I’ve always wanted to be able to talk to our players on the other side of the world and Google translate just doesn’t seem able to handle it!

(Every time I try I end up with a Paul Hogan video clip or a beer commercial.)


So finally we will see what they worked on for the last 3 years. I’m on the edge of my seat. This better be good!!

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Maybe we can play vampires.


I have no idea, but if it isn’t extremely good and completely hits the spot on what I would really like to see from this game in the future, I will be completely devastated and rant about it for years.

No pressure though.


Let’s start ranting now. Why wait?

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I’m so excited, I’m going to drink another coffee today! :smiley:

Because that’s against the universal law!
Causality! Things don’t work like that!

Also you’d be horribly ashamed of yourself if you found out that …




This is so outrageous! I’m going to unsub my 20 omega accounts over this!


No, we need to build up the hype some more so we can fall deeper! The rant will be more glorious and passionate this way.

Tell us how excited you are!!

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This is so amazing. You can see that we will be able to walk on planets in this quadrant - it is right there on the preview!!!

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It’s coffee … to eat!

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That sounds nasty man.

It’s amazing!
HimmelTau + Kaffee + Kakao + Zimt + Zucker + heiße Milch!

Absolut großartig!

The pre-trailer stream is live!!

Will try that one day. I think I even have all of that somewhere. Ah nee, Milch ist alle!

Maybe to calm my feelings of disappointment about this upcoming announcement about which I’m still extremely exited, because I expect it to tick all the boxes, nothing less!!

Already un-subbed my 100 accounts. Rookie.


Why would you unsub? They have literally fixed everything and made this the greatest game of all time. They are going to announce it is, like, 20 minutes.

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Etikettenschwindel (false advertising obviously!)

P.S. Solecist, I’m literally disgusted. You should be updating this topic in one second interval.

That’s the spirit!!

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