Quantum cores make stations unaffordable for Joe/anne Sixpack, average EVE player

That would be a bad choice.

Nah, Anderson only makes good choices. It’s the law!

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Be afraid of me !

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If a new player came to you, and said “Hey, my mom gives me an allowance of 300 dollars a year for video games, im thinking of spending all of it to buy plex and sell it so that I can fit and fly a purple blingy raven navy issue, what do you think?”

Are you seriously going to tell him “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, go for it!”

Or are you going to be a pessimist and say “Thats probably not a good idea”?

There is nothing wrong with being honest and tempering down someones expectations, giving advice, including when not to do something. But youre missing the point about citadels.

Why is this CCPs fault?

Did they make citadels undefendable?
Did they make citadels unable to use weapons or fighters anymore?
Did they make your allies in your war unable to come and help you?

CCP just added a module that you need to install in citadels. Thats it. They didnt change the damage output of your citadel. They didnt change the wardec mechanics to make it harder for you to call allies or help.

Why is it CCPs fault? Nothing has changed. You can still defend your citadel the same way as before.

In the end, it all goes down to this.

Yes, it would be fun for me to fly around in a titan and doomsday frigates and cruisers.

But owning and operating a titan takes effort. It takes a group. It takes a keepstar. Theres nothing wrong with that.

Could CCP make it easier so that any alpha can fly a titan at 2 weeks, and be able to afford it? Yes.
Is it CCPs fault that they dont? No.

The realization of how things need to be balanced, how you cant just have every alpha pilot who wants one, own a titan, is the same realization that Citadels should be in the hands of people who can responsibly protect and utilize such stations, or face the consequences.

You arent seeing this. You just blame CCP, blame them for not being able to own a citadel. Blame CCP for not being able to own a titan.

And thats just wrong.

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It’s not just about how much work you put in before hand because that’s basically asking for isk-tanking.

You must continue to put in the work to defend your structure every day, or you don’t deserve to have something as significant as a structure.

You don’t buy a marauder and ask CCP to consider the work you put in to get it. You have to be careful everyday you undock that marauder.

Structures are not right for everyone.

Quantum cores is sick.

It’s implemented ONLY for push out newcomers form the game.

More info here:

Newcomers wont know any better, if they didnt have a station, it made no difference.

People who already had stations it massively affected.

Citadels do not bring more content in high sec. You being able to do everything you want without the need for other players is not MMORPG content. MMORPG content is MULTIPLAYER content.

I agree that Citadels are trash but for much different reasons than you do. They are too safe, the assets stored in them are too safe, the entire system is a carebear coddling dumpster fire. If anything Citadel upkeep should be harsher and the risks for keeping your stuff in them higher.

You’re already playing EvE on easy mode compared to the REAL EvE we used to have. CCP made it easier for PvEers at the expense of literally everyone else. So yes, when you come to the forums clammering for CCP to make the game easier AGAIN you will be flamed relentlessly and you should be. There’s a million and one games where you can farm like a braindead simpleton without having to deal with PvP. There is only ONE EvE and the rest of us would appreciate it if you would stop crying for CCP to water it down for you.

If you can’t take the heat, get the ■■■■ out of our kitchen.


Would that be the communal kitchen? o7

I wonder when you will stop living in that self ivented past. Things change, if you like it or not. You have to adapt or quit.

I am only pointing out that CCP is like a child in the dark with the changes.

Uh, I realize things change and I always adapt. Been having a blast doing solo ESS lately, getting some good fights yeeting around null sec and it pays enough thus far to fund itself. A little more practice and I’ll be plexing 3 accounts from isk with ESS.

I’ve been PLEXing 3 accounts with isk for ~10years with only PvP soooo… I think I’m adapting.

You’re only pointing out that you yourself are the one who cannot adapt.

I am doing ok too.

But that juvenoia bullsh!tting is really strong in you, maybe you should try to do something with it?

Nobody is bullshitting but you. You do not deserve a citadel if you cannot afford/defend it and they are already WAYYY too easy to afford/defend. If anything Citadels need to be made more expensive AND more vulnerable. Furthermore you shouldn’t be able to hide them in a holding corp.

Nope, you are still in that “good old times” phase I see.

You have no arguments, only some skewed memories. It was different, not harder.

You cling to your ignorance so you do not have to challenge your biases. Very common amongst the risk averse. Afterall, you can still believe you are not risk averse/entitled/toxic if you choose to remain ignorant about the greater scope of what it is you are asking for.

I even presented the greater scope as supporting facts for my position but as usual you purposefully ignore it because you know acknowledging it would mean admitting that you are biased, entitled, and toxic.



You just cant stop making things up in your head about others. :expressionless:

Its called delusions.

Yet again, ignoring the very valid points I’ve brought up because you would have to admit your ignorance to the topic so instead you cherry pick a sentence and respond…

I should’ve just listened to the Eve forums. I have you blocked and I should know better than to read your ignorant drivel.

Because they are not valid. Because they rely on “it was better before”, which is just wrong.

You liked it better before. Does not mean it was better in general.

How can I be making it up when the very post I’m responding to proves my point?

Right, I can’t be. The truth is actually that you are an entitled man(woman?)-child