Quantum Cores...the Return of the POS

So, with quantum cores now being a loot pinata, and my only need for upwell strucutres ever having been for ore compression…I’m thinking of deploying the old Reprocessing Arrays from the bygone POS era.

This is simply no other way to compress ore in Low Sec space, and after the redistribution of minerals, this seems to be the best option for individual operations like myself.

Cool blog.
Do it and tell us how it goes?

Do the POS arrays still work? That seems unlikely.

If they dont work (I’ll know soon), then low sec mining is dead for everyone except the Big Null sec blocs.

I can handle the danger of mining on the field, but I can’t handle the logistics of compression under the Quantum Core system (and good luck activating a Rorqual in Low Sec).

The 100% Core Drop ensures that death of all upwell structures that aren’t owned by a Null Sec Superpower.

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I do promise.

All you are doing is theory-crafting. I’m sure some people will manage to be successful.

Besides, are they still null blocs when they own low sec, too?


Gonna hold you to that.


If all of the upwell structures are gone in a month you are going to look like a total fool, Scoots.


I will have been shown who is the boss!

I want to know if he can still deploy a pos? I still have a few pos packages ready to pop up, last I looked, charters included. Haven’t checked those stations in yrs now. I don’t think its possible any more though, just a fun idea.

If it is I’ll buy one.

It’s gotta be able to anchor 1st! :wink:

I’m doing the research right now. I can’t find any information on whether or not someone can anchor a PoS or refinery array.

Last I knew, you cant anchor them anymore. I just kept the packages for CCP reimbursement at some point.

Better ask @Archer_en_Tilavine to get that taken care of once he is on the CSM.

Also waiting for reimbursement. Got a ton of old POS parts cuz I was gone for 5 years before I returned last May.

Dray Cil

Poor Archer, he’s going to so disappointed ounce he finds out the truth.

Nah, I dont care. I have enough isk. I bought them yrs ago on a hunch and packed them away. I have never touched a slot machine in rl, but I’ll gamble in eve because??? :roll_eyes:

I can.

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Honestly I’m going to buy of a compression array right now and test it in high sec

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I’ll split the cost. Give me a bill in game and I should be able to fess up in 24 hrs. Down time is close for me. :beers: