Quantum Cores - Updates begin 8 September

This is pretty much a another change that has no impact in mega alliances, but crushes small groups of independent players. Basically CCP is having everyone put a bounty on their own stations.


what is the issue with small corps owning structures? that’s like saying small businesses in RL is shop spam? The forsaken fortress update removed most of the spam/junk structures in HS and people who have them now are paying hundreds of millions per month to keep them running.

I don’t see why large corps basically have been given another way to farm small groups.

You cant do indy profitably out of NPC stations, and I don’t see why small corps in HS (where they are supposed to have some measure of protection and is where most corps start to grow) cant have structures. They lose out on some efficiency being in HS anyway, so don’t see why they should be forced to NPC stations to make a loss, or have to pay taxes to larger corps.

Wont be just indy corps affected either. Any smaller corps that want to declare war (for beef or territory or whatever) even with a similar sized alliances will be unable to do anything, as HD or BF will hop on as allies and kill the HQ. They jump in wars anyway, but usually dont hunt the HQ, but i expect this will change.

Basically it kills wars for the small groups that try to use them. Pushes everyone in to joining large groups in null, or to quit the game.

I don’t do indy and don’t really have many assets in citadels, so really this change isn’t something that will significantly disrupt my gameplay, but I think in its current design it is poor and will harm the health of the game.

I also think that structures are too cheap and easy to hold, there should be more risk/cost involved, but this is too much. Forsaken Fortress was a great change and removed these empty junk stations, but the people who get affected here are not unsubbed, inactive corps and many will have their entire game trashed, as they will often live, build, research, refine etc out of the stations they own (and have probably grinded for hrs to build) making mediocre profit.

Alot of these players dont want to be in a bigger alliance and just try and build something themselves. Thing is people dont go from 2 - 200 players overnight, so realistically defending against 20 ikitursas and 10 guardians with a 5 man corp is really hopeless.


We need to remove like 95% of them and structures are mostly clustered exactly in 0.6-0.5 space anyway.
I feel like this change in costs maybe not high enough. If CCP could get rid of M-sized structures entirely it would be much better.

Its not, its become CCPvP and they still want us to pay them.


People wealthy enough to spam structures won’t stop because they get a bit more expensive. All this does is paint larger targets on small group structures.


Kind of amazed that there is no thread concerning the implementation of Quantum Cores in structures and the vast economic implications as a result. Small corps and individuals with POS will be decimated and their investments will vanish. The market will be flooded with cheap structure components as players pull them offline and dismantle them. Demand will plummet due to the huge cost and risk of ownership.

Does anyone else see this as a huge screw job to players who flocked to build Upwell stations?


because everybody is discussing it in the proper channel…

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(what would people dismantle them and take an instant 50% value hit? they’re more likely to just sell the structure intact for the full value… do you even know what you’re talking about?)


This is fine, stop trying to play the victim so much. There are plenty of small corporations that hold structures all over the place, even with wardecs, they’re still fine. There are enough that you, specifically, are unlikely to be singled out and attacked.

I still wish the forums had a feature to pull these thread back after several months so we can all show OP how much of a spineless over-exaggerator he was. This change isn’t going to be the end of the game, you’re gonna be fine. Stop trying to be outraged for outrage’s sake, kid. This isn’t tumblr.

Every single time a change like this comes up, garbage like OP come out screaming and shrieking about how it’ll be terrible and destroy the game. The fact is that it’s not as bad as you think it is, and if you still think it is that bad, you’re just wrong.


Why would anybody erect one of these things in the first place? Even under the old rules. Especially in highsec. CCP is putting these things out of their misery.

800m split, say, 5 ways, over 3 20 minute timers is 160m/hour assuming the bash goes completely uncontested and you therefore take no losses. A properly defended citadel will likely take significantly more time/loss. You also need to dec the structure so that’s another 100m at least, so now we’re splitting 700m 5 ways for 140m/hour. Yes, in theory it’s decent ISK/hour but this is limited by the number of undefended citadels you can bash. I don’t see this as making you a significantly larger target when I can just do incursions or something.


The profit/hour ratio isn’t quite there for the smaller structures. This is possibly going to lead to some Athanors getting popped, but the extra danger inherent in attacking someone who can even so much as simply man the structure already pushes the payoff into “middle tier PvE” territory.

We’ll see, I guess. If someone attacks my alt’s Athanor just for the core, despite the killboard record of that corporation, we’ll know that the average high-sec carebear group is in trouble.

It is to remove the structures that dont offend anyone, only function as sort of player “housing” and dont have much reason to exist beside having a personal place to dock and keep stuff in a stationless systems.

These groups that will destroy structures already have enough money, for example FOBs. It is kind of stuffing the stuffed.

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The structure will remain in the onlining state without these?

January 12, 2021 https://imperium.news/eve-online-the-core-has-appeared/

“all structures that were anchored before the October deadline will need to have Cores installed or all structure services, including tethering, will be disabled until a Core is installed.”

That will be huge.

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Well, it means station ownership is no longer for the poors, which I am.

I always had the impression you werent, Ice?

Has something gone wrong?

Yes totally you can do PvE, PvP but you’ll always be subject to CCPvP where you don’t even have to undock to take part!

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The thing about market volatility is such that it is always temporary :slight_smile:

For an MMO it is still worth logging into.

For now.

100% But hey it’s “content” so who cares right?