Quantum Cores - Updates begin 8 September

The new phoenix update allowing super carriers to have clone bays and ships circumvent this entire process.
Before you’d need a structure and ships inside a structure and had to anchor it and probably drove some content to prevent this from happening. This flys contrary of this update.

Wow… the mental gymnastics on these kids is almost impressive if it weren’t for how bad their arguments are.

A supercarrier and a citadel aren’t the same thing. Supers don’t have timers, reinforcements, docking, tether, etc. Citadels exist in game and allow everyone on ACLs to use them regardless of whether there is someone logged in to pilot it like a Supercarrier does.

Allowing people to reship from hulls pulled out of capitals has ALWAYS been a thing, albeit clunky. The pilot could simply eject the assembled ships and pilots nearby could board the ejected ship. At best, this update is just bringing that feature to the spotlight. It’s not a change that is intended to make supercarriers the same as a citadel.

I’ve never really understood the point of ship-based clone bays.

You can clone-jump to a clone bay only once, after the pilot has made an invitation to create a clone (tedious in any number), so no implants. You have to be docked in order to clone-jump.

About the only thing they are good for is moving people that don’t already own a ‘suitcase’ capital, but a travel-ceptor is often as good.

Which… is why CCP are planning to change them to be more meaningful and more practical to use? Instead of tedious, clunky and horrific.
However that’s a discussion for the Phoenix update thread.

Just looking at zkillboard, I see the purge is underway.

Prior to patch, nearly all the structures seem to have been offline, as no fuel was dropped / destroyed.

Post patch, though there are still offline structures being destroyed, there is a noticeable shift to ones with quantum cores.

It is quite impressive the fleets people are throwing at these ‘worthless’ and ‘not worth the time’ structures, like fleets of Nightmares or Leshaks.

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how’s this lawsuit coming along btw?

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Nice one {Smirk} :clap:

In some cases, sucking the drones in and spitting 'em out a time or two fixes it… but in cases where it doesn’t or I don’t feel like playing that game while tethered, I’ve just docked in the citadel in question and after hitting repair there… it showed more damage to a layer than was possible which caused me to think it might be due to ship bonuses or my own skill levels (Drone Durability 5, perhaps also an issue?).

But I haven’t flown Rattlesnakes much in years and Gilas only for the abyss… I mostly encounter this while mishing, and I’ve only mished in the past year in Leshaks, Claymores, and Machariels. no drone HP bonuses from any of those, yet the bug still happens. So again, maybe from Drone Durability.

In any event, this has been an issue since citadels launched what… 4 years ago? I remember first discovering drones would rep on tether at a freeport within the first few weeks of the update that introduced the astrahus, and then discovering the bug shortly thereafter. heh.

Basically yes. When it comes back into your drone bay all skill & ship bonuses are removed from it, only base stats apply. So you can imagine what this does to Gurista drone ship drones.