Quantum Cores - Updates begin 8 September

This was a good Idea but the implementation needs a bit of work. I would like to see another step here where in another 2 months or whatever seems fair all structures need quantum cores. The idea of grandfathering in existing structures seems wrong. If a structure doesn’t have a quantum core it should then go offline. Why should new structures require one if all the older structures just give up a bit of function?

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Quantum cores for structures…
95% of the eve online players are very “excited”
Just mentioning…

Where are the good old updates, where we all could spill a bit of saliva!?

After the final deadline passes (Jan 21?) the demand for new Quantum Cores will drop dramatically. Post deadline, if POS gankers topple a structure for the core, who would be the subsequent non-NPC buyer? Further, if a POS with a core is an interstellar “kick me” sign, the market price for Quantum Cores should fall to the point where only a few gankers are incented to take up arms.

Hopefully, the market for cores will be allowed to do its own price discovery.

indeed, too bad CCP put NPC BO.

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How can it? The NPCs will buy an infinite amount of them for the cost they sell them at.

Someone who wants to deploy a structure? I mean, there is no functioning market because of the locked NPC buy orders, but even if there wasn’t, I am sure there would always be a buyer for the core for a price a little less than the NPC sell price. Which buyer wouldn’t take a player order for 10% less than the NPC price if offered?

Well, that is not the plan. These are suppose to serve as a prize to incentivize fighting over structures so it kinda make sense they work like this.

Structure use is down for sure after all the changes in 2020, but there are still thousands of structures in New Eden:

And those are just the public ones. Plenty of groups still want to use them and dozens are turned over everyday, so there will always be demand for Quantum Cores, even if the NPCs weren’t buying them.

I hope CCP gives us a presentation though on how well these worked to get people to attack or defend a structure at some point.

Any serious buyer.
With competition the gain from the action is actually very low.

ATM median daily exchange for raitaru is 15. highest BO is 755M in the forge.

It could be placed in the structure in the industrial phase. That doesn’t hurt wormhole corps and keeps the drop in there. And if you put one up prior to the change you should be able to just not have one.
I like the x million drops. It makes empty small structures worth it, but they should just make these structures more expensive to build and drop more value. I am not a fan of the change. It seems like a band-aid to a problem that needs stitches for a fix. 7 days for a structure to go abandoned is too small. You go away on holiday and come back and poof everyone’s stuff is gone. the last thing people do is bring up structure tabs and look at fuel time before you leave.

Couldn’t agree more. Tons of people go it on their own with little groups of friends and don’t want to deal with the mega corps/alliance politics.

The market is seeded, so don’t expect this to happen. Anything below the seeded price will be bought by traders and flipped back to the NPCs at the seeded price for the margin.

how to install theres no information on it just what they do and why x-x

there is a folder under the ammo and fuel folders when you take control of the structure. you put the core in there. it says core room.

Ok, well my timed bookmark triggered @Dracvlad and let’s see how you did:

Source: A4E - Structure statistics

Well, you aren’t “chuckling” since there are still plenty of structures in highsec, although they are down by about one-third from last September when you made this prediction. I guess you get partial credit.

But I’d say overall it’s working out pretty well. Players have been forced to group up, and some space has been made for renting out services. Mercs also are also getting more contracts, and/or have a better ability to exert pressure on, AKA “bully”, industrialists creating content and gameplay. Highsec and wars still have issues, but at least some meaning and value has been given back to owning structures with the Quantum Core changes. And there are still hundreds and hundreds of public highsec structures for players to use.

Maybe you have more insight, but I think this has actually been a success. Activity is up, structure spam is down and at least there is a reason beyond station camping/gate camping to use the war mechanic. Perhaps others want to chime in, and it would be great if CCP gave us a presentation someday on how they thought it all worked out, but I think the cores are a net positive for the universe and have partially fixed some of the glaring problems that have existed with Upwell structures since release.

quantity that was zero can’t have gone down.

Id be very interested to see a count of uncored stations


I wonder if CCP will throw us a bone in place of another cancelled Fanfest and give us some analysis?

To be blunt I should have said the complete lack of structures owned by solo or small groups, which is the line I was taking if you read my comments above that post. I would think that my feeling is not far off in terms of what is happening.

It depends what you would define as solo or small groups, for example I could not take a multi-boxer as a small group or solo because they can often field more than a fair sized alliance for combat.

In terms of people grouping together, I think that is a good thing and was stated by me as one of the reasons to link wars to structures, so I am glad to see that happening, but my view was that these quantum cores were unnecessary for hisec because this was already happening, all it did was make it even tougher for hisec players.

By the way, I am not re-subbing.

I’m not sure I agree… actually, I do agree. Highsec has been too easy for far too long. Evading or capitulating has had nearly no cost and as a result highsec conflict has been stillborn for… well, forever. Highsec needs to be tough, well at least for those that fill the higher echelons of the ecosystem.

It’s fine to be a low-risk, risk-averse player and live in highsec. It’s not so much to be able to do top=tier, competitive industry from your disposable industrial structure. That should require organization and cooperation, and open to some level of interference.

That’s your choice. The game will evolve and go on without any of us, but regardless, I hope you change your mind.

Hisec has not in fact been too easy at all. They did not change the war dec system for nothing, did they?

Also the risk of getting ganked moving stuff was very heavy for the last seven or eight years and continues to be there.

The bonus to production in hisec is lower than other areas of space and with the war decs there is real risk to those structures. It is hardly top tier and you get higher bonuses from the bigger structures, but again less than other areas of space, which those small group hisec indy players cannot defend and are seen as plum targets by the war deckers.

Before leaving the game my alliance or group had three Raitaru’s dotted around in obscure corps to hide who they were owned by, every one got a war dec and had to be defended. The ones under our actual alliance were attacked by the main war deckers. 100% of our industrial structures were attacked at some point. I have no idea why you think that conflict was still born.

That we successfully defended all of them (not the ones in our main alliance however) and in the end pulled them down was mainly due to the fact that we had two multi-boxers that enabled us to smash some war deckers fleets.

Therefore my perception is that hisec has never been as easy as you keep saying. Unless you base your perception on certain high level gankers who obliterate ice fields with massed AFK Orca’s?